CallRail’s Direct Connect for Marketo is a thing of beauty and setting up your integration is painless. If you haven’t set up your integration, you can view our easy start up guide here.

If you already have your Marketo/CallRail integration connected, Congratulations! The big question is, now what? I’m proud to say that as CallRail’s Demand Generation Manager I’ve been in your shoes and use this exact integration internally to capture phone call lead attribution. These are a few tips and tricks we’ve implemented along the way that can help you look like a pro right out of the gate.

Please note: All of the flow steps below are within campaigns for new leads that result from a CallRail phone call event. You will need to build your smart list triggers and filters with this in mind, along with any additional constraints that apply to your organization.  

No Email, No Problem…

As with any call analytics integration, one key piece of information that is missing when a new phone call lead comes in to Marketo, is an email address. Additionally, most CRMs rely on email address as the unique identifier. So what’s a marketer to do?

Our resolution to this problem was to use Marketo Tokens to create an email value that looks something like {{Lead.Phone Number}} Unfortunately, Marketo does not allow the use of the phone number token to set the value for email address. To get around this, we created a unique field, “CallRail Email”, where the Marketo Token {{Lead.Phone Number}} could be used. Then, we were able to attribute email address with the token {{lead.CallRail Email}}.

By using this structure in the email address field for new inbound phone call leads, we have a second line of defense to check for duplicate records. If you are a member of the database police like me, I know you appreciate how beneficial this is from a data integrity perspective.

What Acquisition Program?

As a phone call event is not part of a program originally created in Marketo, when a new CallRail lead comes in you will be left with leads missing an acquisition program and acquisition date. For reporting and analytics purposes, this is not good. To solve this you can create a program within Marketo called “Phone Call Lead” and house the majority of your CallRail/Marketo related campaigns there. Then you will have the ability to set the acquisition program and acquisition date accordingly. 

Lead Source Alignment

A major benefit of the CallRail/Marketo integration is gaining visibility into where your new inbound phone call leads are coming from. We are trying to get the full picture of our lead attribution, after all. This helps alleviate any potential marketing and sales lead ownership tension and most importantly, allows us to identify what’s actually converting so we know where to focus our efforts.

The caveat here is that many of us already have an existing lead source structure in place that we must maintain consistency around. Thankfully, Marketo give us the flexibility to capture and customize data to fit organizational needs.

Our goal here was to maintain consistency with our existing Lead Source structure while also capturing the granular, and important, source types that CallRail was pushing in. In order to do that, we first created flow steps telling Marketo to send each CallRail source type to another field, which for us was our utm_medium field. 

After the CallRail source type has been set to our utm_medium field, we created flow steps telling Marketo how to align the Lead Source value with our existing structure. 

Flexibility, Customization, and Marketo

There are several programs you can implement using CallRail’s Phone Call and SMS Text triggers to take full advantage of your CallRail/Marketo integration. You can add prospects to an engagement program, score them, or even add these events as milestones in Sales Insights.

Please keep in mind that you have the flexibility within Marketo to customize the data in a way that makes sense for your business. This glimpse into CallRail’s Marketo instance is meant to serve as an example of how you might want to think about folding call analytics information into your marketing technology stack. Once you do we would love to hear your story of how you are using CallRail’s Direct Connect for Marketo to close the lead attribution gap.


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