G2 Winter 2021 Reports: CallRail leads the pack (again)

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Sure, we think we have a pretty great product here at CallRail. But to have it validated by our customers is even better. It’s why we’ve had a strong showing in G2’s 2021 Winter Reports. Not only are we leading the pack as the marketplace leader of inbound call tracking software (12 quarters in a row), but we’re also a hit with businesses of all sizes. So exactly how well did we perform? Read on to find out.

The market leader in customer performance and satisfaction

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G2 runs quarterly reports to identify which call tracking software provider is the market leader across multiple categories. To qualify, a provider’s product must generate unique phone numbers for every digital marketing campaign, and it must also be able to track the calls coming from these campaigns.

But you know what has the most weight in determining a provider’s placement and market position? We gave you a hint earlier. It’s customer reviews. And CallRail has been considered the leading provider of call tracking and attribution software.

So, what makes this quarter so impressive? It’s the fact that we’ve ranked across various categories. Take a look.

Inbound call tracking software leader

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Not only is CallRail the market leader for the overall category, but we’ve also ranked as the leading provider for small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses. Here’s why:

“The ability to create tracking numbers, listen to calls, and to trace the original traffic source of the call is fantastic. It’s also easy to use, integrates well with other online tools and software. It’s hard to miss anything with it because you have [really clear analytics], and you can easily see what’s happening with each tracking number you set up.”

~ Hunter O. | Small-Business

“The ability to track calls and tie it to analytics. We were able to give our clients better ROI and reporting from online advertising by tracking phone calls from the web, social, search, and maps.”

~ Agency in Internet | Mid-Market

“We use CallRail heavily for call tracking across all of our 40+ locations. I think I have more than 1,000 tracking numbers in CallRail. We love the call recording and especially the automated call tagging based on what the AI hears in the call. That’s a super way to help with reporting down the road.”

~ Chris H. | Enterprise

Most implementable and easy to use software, hands down

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Part of the reason why we’re leading the pack is due to how easy it is to set up and get started with CallRail. As a result, we have been ranked the most implementable product in our product category and the fastest implementation for enterprise and mid-market businesses. And our customers have also rated us the easiest to use.

“CallRail has a very simple and intuitive setup process. From creating accounts for different organizations to generating and implanting DNI, it’s very simple. CallRail provides clean, valuable tracking and reporting data. The pricing structure makes it an easy inclusion for projects, both large and small.”

~ J. Adam P | Small-Business

“CallRail is probably the best tool of its kind out there. It’s easy to set up and provides a clear overview of where calls are coming from. It also allows a lot of room for customization and advanced analysis of marketing efforts.”

~ Administrator in Mental Health Care | Mid-Market

“I really like the simplistic user interface. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it, but they offer a free trial which lets you try out the software. I also liked the customer service because I was able to chat with someone on the website, who then connected me to an account manager over the phone. The whole setup process was seamless and much less daunting than I anticipated.”

~ User in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing | Enterprise

Mid-market businesses really love us

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We’re flattered. Mid-market users really like CallRail. Not only have they ranked us favorably in the fastest implementation category, but they’ve also put us on the map for best meets requirements, easiest to do business with, and high performer.

“We haven’t had any problems working with CallRail to follow up on our frequent and potential customers through a program call log; through this application, we have been able to record calls and capture important information about them with our potential customers, useful in addition to generate strategies to optimize the attention, generate customers, and improve their experience.”

~ Richard O. | Mid-Market

“Everything is organized and flows nicely. The audio quality is very clear on the recordings. We have a log of the calls that we can click through. It allows us to train better.”

~ Artilis C. | Mid-Market

“CallRail is amazing with not only tracking phone calls but the ability to report on who called you, when, how many times, how long, was it answered, town, etc. All the information is greatly needed for SEO and our campaigns and allows us to accurately see the conversion coming into the campaigns.”

~ Agency in Marketing and Advertising | Mid-Market

Leading in other categories outside of inbound call tracking

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Customers love CallRail Call Tracking, but it’s not the only thing our platform does. Through the addition of Lead Center, Conversation Intelligence, and Form Tracking, we’re able to provide customers an all-in-one solution that helps them get more out of their leads. And it’s great to see that our customers have ranked a market leader for attribution, lead capture, and conversation intelligence.

“CallRail offers marketing campaign attribution like no other. I appreciate that numbers are easy to provision, and all the many integrations.”

~ Tom C. | Mid-Market

“If you need an affordable call, text, and form tracking solution, with amazing service, try CallRail. If you are an Agency, I can recommend them even more, because they are awesome about supporting their Agency partners and finding solutions for clients.”

~ Chris B. | Small-Business

“CallRail has so many features that I utilize. I think filtering and reporting are the most intuitive. I routinely utilize the mobile app for notifications and real-time monitoring of potential leads. I think the ability to add a new tracking number instantly allows our company to better track our ROI at a granular level. All around the platform has a great user experience.”

~ Brent B. | Small-Business

Keeping the momentum going

For the past ten years, it’s been our goal to deliver a platform that helps our customers scale and grow, and it’s good to know we’re made good on our promise. Now we’d better get back to work.