Integration Spotlight: CallRail + Supermetrics

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Your decisions are only as good as your data. And Supermetrics helps businesses like yours market smarter by delivering data from popular platforms (like Facebook, Google Ads, and Hubspot) to your preferred destinations (like Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, and Excel).

Now Supermetrics makes it easy for you to move your CallRail data wherever you need it.

CallRail and Supermetrics Integration

That’s a big deal if you’re not sure which ads, campaigns, and keywords make the phone ring. You may know what’s driving online clicks and conversions, but if you’re not factoring offline activity into your marketing decisions, you’re missing metrics.

Accessing CallRail + Supermetrics Integration

Just add the CallRail connector to access your call data, form data, and conversation insights. Then aggregate it with insights from more than 50 other sources. From there, you can store it, analyze it, and integrate it.

Fuel Supermetrics with this CallRail data:

Call Data Form Data Lead Data Agent data
Call source Form source Demgraphic info Answer rate
Call ID Field data Company info Missed calls
Call duration Time of submission Key terms spotted Abandoned calls
Inbound/Outbound Device type Call highlights Average duration
Answered/missed Tags Total duration
Voicemail left Value
First call Lead status
Prior calls
Time of submission
Device type

Supermetrics eliminates the need to copy and paste data from multiple sources to spreadsheets. Just select your sources and destinations and voila: by integrating call and form analytics with other data, you’ll get a full view of marketing program performance.

With your dashboard stocked with up-to-the-minute multichannel insights, you’ll spend more time testing and tweaking new ads, keywords, and campaigns — and less time pivoting between platforms for results. (Supermetrics customers reduce their reporting time by 50%!)

What you can do with the CallRail connector

By connecting CallRail through the Supermetrics connector, you can link your online and offline activities for your true measure of marketing performance. Supermetrics created a Google Data Studio template that works with the CallRail connectors, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Supermetrics CallRail report

You can also build and run reports like these to monitor sales and marketing performance:

  • Content Marketing Dashboard: Google Analytics + Call Tracking

    Pair conversions by blog post, top blog referrers, etc., with detailed call conversion data. Know which content drives the most qualified leads.

  • PPC Dashboard: Google Ads + Call Tracking

    Pair Google Ads data showing Conversions by Campaign/Ad Group/Ad with detailed call conversion data. Find out which campaigns deliver the most qualified leads, the most booked appointments, or the highest call values.

  • Agent Dashboard: Call Tracking + Lead Center

    Create detailed dashboards to keep up with agent performance. Reveal which agents are booking the most appointments, which are qualifying the most leads, and which are making the most outbound calls.

Try CallRail + Supermetrics today

Make the most of your marketing investment (and your time) by combining online and offline performance data. Not a Supermetrics customer? Try it free. Not a CallRail customer? Try us free, too!