Stripe is a payment processing platform that simplifies direct billing. If you’re managing multiple customers in your CallRail account, our new customer invoicing feature lets you create custom pricing plans for customers based on their usage and automate your invoicing through our integration with Stripe. All your clients will have to do is put their credit card information in CallRail (or your white-labeled platform) and Stripe will send their payments directly to your bank account.

This integration is available for accounts on the Pro plan or higher.

Here are the cliff notes on setting up Stripe for CallRail:

  1. Set up Customer Invoicing (if not already enabled in your account)
  2. Authorize the Stripe Integration
  3. Customize your pricing plans in CallRail
  4. Have companies enter their credit card information in CallRail
  5. View payments in Stripe

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How to use Stripe in CallRail to bill your customers for call tracking

Once you set up billing through CallRail, Stripe will run electronic payments according to the billing cycle you set. CallRail will bill your credit card automatically for your total monthly invoice, but payments from each of your clients will be processed and sent to you through Stripe.

If you’re an Admin, go ahead and use the instructions in this support article to create a standard rate or custom company rates for your customer. After that, Manager users can enter their company credit card info in CallRail.  

Here’s an example of a standard rate that applies to all companies in your account:

example of CallRail customer invoicing using a standard rate for call tracking

Here’s an example of a custom company rate:

custom company rate set up in callrail customer invoicing for call tracking services

CallRail will automatically calculate the monthly invoices for you based on the rates you create. The amount billed via Stripe will match whatever mark-ups and rates you set for each of your clients inside of CallRail.

Read this blog post for best practices for billing clients.

Once you receive payments from customers, you can view them in Stripe. Stripe charges a processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents for each successful card charge through their system. The fee is automatically deducted from your Stripe payments. You can choose to receive payments on a two-day rolling basis or scheduled weekly or monthly transfers.

a view of stripe payments through callrail for call tracking services

That’s it. You’ll have all the visibility of payment processing without the hassle. Automated invoicing saves time on the manual process of billing, and Stripe handles all the behind-the-scenes details of money transfers for you. Enjoy the extra time on your hands.

Not yet using CallRail? Sign up for your free 14-day trial here –– no credit card information required. Or click here to read more about the benefits of making the switch from Account Center to Customer Invoicing.

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