The outstanding CallRail community has always been the driving force behind CallRail’s growth. Between simple word-of-mouth recommendations and complimentary online reviews, you’ve helped us get to where we are today. It’s also what drives us to keep making everything about CallRail better – from the product to our content, and beyond.

That’s why we wanted to do something to give back to our awesome base of avid CallRail users, and the new ones they create. You’re better advocates for CallRail than any ad we can write – and we want to thank you for that.

Introducing the CallRail Referral Program

Today, we’re launching a new program to say thanks for spreading the word. Now, whenever you invite your friends, family and industry peers to CallRail, you’ll both earn account credits that will be directly applied to your monthly invoices. $50 account credits will be awarded to Starter plan sign-ups, and $150 for Pro plans or higher.

It’s simple. Refer someone to CallRail, and we’ll take money off your next CallRail bill. You don’t need to apply to join our program, all you need is administrator access to your CallRail account.

CallRail Referral program how to

Ready to get started?

To beginning earning CallRail credits, sign in to your CallRail account and navigate to our new in-app Referral page located in the Manage section of your Account Settings. Copy and send your unique referral link to anyone you want.

If someone signs up, enters their credit card, and remains a CallRail customer for at least four billing cycles we’ll give both you and your referral a discount on your next CallRail bill. $50 account credits will be awarded to you and your referral for Starter plan sign-ups, and $150 will go to you both if they sign up for a Pro or Elite plan. Easy as that!

Share the Gift of CallRail, Get CallRail Credits

For more information about the CallRail Referral Program and how you can start sharing your referral link, check out our support documentation. You can also find full details on the Referral Program by checking out our Terms and Conditions.

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