CallRail Quarterly Product Update: What’s New in 2017

As we continue to update the CallRail application with new features and product enhancements, it can be hard to keep up. That why’s we’re introducing our quarterly product updates where we fill you in on everything that’s new inside of CallRail for the past quarter.

This past quarter we were focused on overall usability and navigation within the CallRail application, as well as updating some existing features such form submissions and SMS tracking. We made some changes to the CallRail mobile app, and also released V2 of the CallRail API, Kenshoo and Marin integrations, and several other reporting enhancements.

Ready for the full rundown? Check out everything we shipped in Q1 of 2017:


CallRail Navigation Updates

Navigating the CallRail application should be simple and intuitive. We want to make it as easy as possible for all of our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for – be it reporting, updating their tracking numbers, or changing account settings.

In order to achieve that, we moved some things around to be more consistent across your entire account. We also renamed a few areas to better represent exactly what you’re looking for.

Account Manage Dropdown

Updates to SMS & Form Analytics

We heard from CallRail users that you want to understand where all of your inbound leads are coming from, not just phone calls. You want to be able to discover trends for forms, text messages, and phone calls all in one central location. In order to help you achieve that we’ve added several new updates to how we track and present inbound text message and form submission data:

  • Text Conversations Tab – We’ve redefined SMS messages as “Text Conversations” to help you better understand how your leads are reaching out to you. A Text Conversation is defined as all SMS messages sent between the agent and customer within 24 hours. We’ve also added a graph to the Text Conversations tab to help you better visualize when and how you’re receiving these inbound leads. We think these enhancements will help you better understand which marketing campaigns are driving the most inbound conversations.
  • Form Submissions Tab – Although we’ve always had a Forms tab to help you view any form submissions you are tracking, we’ve now added a graph to mirror both the calls and text conversation logs. This tab is now exportable, to allow even greater control over your form tracking data. See when you’re driving the most form completions, and from what marketing campaigns.

The Updated CallRail Mobile App

We made a few updates to make managing phone calls on-the-go even easier. We improved the user interface to allow for quicker switching between the call log, outbound dialing, and account settings.

We also implemented a new feature a lot of you have been asking about: the outbound dialer. Users of the mobile app can now dial out to any number of their choosing from their cell phone, using their CallRail tracking numbers. This makes phone call management for teams that are often away from their desks that much easier.
Mobile app

Customized Company Summary Emails

We improved your company summary email reports by adding the ability to pick and choose which data you’d like to receive in your inbox. These can be customized for each company you receive reporting emails for in daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. Select whether you’d like to include the full call log, or just your top sources and keywords if you’re using keyword-level tracking.

Summary email example

Adding a Value via Keypad Scoring

Knowing the value of your individual callers is crucial for following-up with sales opportunities and tracking marketing campaign performance. But when you’re answering large quantities of phone calls on a daily basis, it can be difficult to remember important details about the customers you’re speaking with.

So we’ve made it easier with updates to Keypad Scoring. Your agents are now able to enter the value of a phone call before they hang up the phone.

Phone call recieved value

New Integrations: Kenshoo and Marin Software

Kenshoo and Marin Software are two powerful bid management tools that help marketers improve their bidding strategies and increase conversions through automation and advanced rule-setting. By integrating call analytics with your bid management software, you’re able to enhance the effectiveness of your bidding and optimize your PPC strategy for phone call conversions. Both our Kenshoo and Marin integrations are Premium Integrations, available only for CallRail users on the Pro plan or higher.

What else is new?

That’s not all we released this quarter. Check it out:

  • API V2 – We’ve released a new version of the CallRail API! To learn more about these updates visit Our Support Team will also be happy to help you with any setup questions you may have, so feel free to drop us a line at
  • CallScore Updates – We’ve removed the Web Visitors metric from the Lead Funnel Report, and we’ve also changed the title of the column in your Call Activity table to read “CallScore” instead of Lead Status.
  • HubSpot Updates – leads are now created at the beginning of a phone call for those of you utilizing our HubSpot integration, which will allow you to update the lead while you’re still on the call. We’ve also added support for source-level tracking, so now all of your inbound leads can be sent to HubSpot if you so choose. Both of these enhancements will make it easier for you to manage all of your inbound phone call leads within the HubSpot platform.
  • Reporting updates – we’ve made all of your CallRail reports available at the account level. This will make aggregate reporting even easier for those of you managing several companies within your CallRail account.