Localize Dynamic Number Insertion with CallRail’s Local Swap™

Living in a digital-first world makes life a lot easier. You can transfer money to a friend in a click, host conference calls from across the world, and even have something delivered to your door within a couple of hours.

This technology brings a lot of freedom and simplicity, but that can also breed hesitation and uncertainty. With millions of companies accessible via the internet, customers often question the credibility of a product or service solely based on the phone number associated with the company.

For example, if you are in Florida trying to reach a franchise near you, and the area code reflects a New York area code, you may be a little wary to call. After all, it is a store in your town, shouldn’t the contact information reflect that?

An online presence specific to your business is something companies large and small strive to achieve, which is why we are excited to introduce CallRail’s Local Swap™: a new feature that will give businesses and marketers a local, or national, presence, based on your unique goals.

What is Local Swap™?

CallRail’s Local Swap™ is an enhancement to our dynamic number insertion (DNI) technology, which automatically replaces the phone number on your site based on the caller’s geographic location. We’ll match the area code displayed on your website with the caller’s location via IP lookup.

Local Swap™ is a valuable tool for businesses that service multiple locations and want their customers to feel confident choosing a business available in their area. After callers are assigned an area code on their first visit, they’ll continue to see the same area code, even if they change locations, maintaining a consistent online presence for businesses.

What is Dynamic Number Insertion? We explain in this video.

Here are some other benefits of using Local Swap:

    • Improved customer experience – foster trust initially and eliminate confusion
    • Increased conversion rates – a customer is more likely to call your business directly if they have confidence they’ll reach the appropriate location, and a staggering 86 percent of customers say personalization impacts their purchase decisions
    • Maximize campaign efforts – callers will see a local number that is specific to the advertising channel that led them to the site, helping you attribute leads to the proper marketing source
    • Localized presence – whether you want your business to appear more “local,” or want to appear to have a nationwide presence, you can accomplish both based on the pool you’ve set up

Activating Local Swap

Here are step-by-step instructions for activating Local Swap.

Local Swap™ can be activated with visitor-level tracking and DNI in place. We recommend including a toll-free number in your website pool. If there are toll-free numbers in your website pool, any visitors without an exact geographic match will see a toll-free number. This will ensure a caller doesn’t see a number that is completely remote to them (for example, a caller in Florida seeing a number from a New York area code).

Note: Local Swap™ is not compatible with international numbers

If you’re ready to add the power of call tracking (and helpful features like Local Swap™ and Dynamic Number Insertion) to your marketing stack, you can start today: Begin your 14-day free trial of CallRail, or request a personalized demo.