CallRail’s Updated Navigation

We’re making a few changes to your CallRail account this week. We’re moving things around to be more consistent with the placement of features in your account, and we’re also renaming a few areas to better represent what you’re looking for.

We’re making all of these changes with you in mind: same great CallRail features, easier to navigate application.

Meet the New Numbers Section

The first thing you’ll notice is we’ve moved numbers and call flows out from the Settings tab, and into their own section within your CallRail account. This gives you quicker access to your CallRail numbers and routing options to help you better manage your call tracking campaigns.

phone numbers for different marketing campaigns

Easier Access to Account and Company-Level Settings

We wanted to help out CallRail administrators and managers by centralizing access to account and company settings. In order to do that, we’re moving the account section to the top-level navigation bar.

From the new Account dropdown, administrators and managers will be able to:

  • Create, manage, and delete companies;
  • Create, manage, and delete users;
  • Update billing information and view past invoices (administrators only);
  • Access support documentation or open a support ticket.

The account dropdown will also feature a new Manage section where administrators can go to view their account details or update white label settings.


User-level preferences, including agent routing and login settings, will still be available via the “My Information” section of your account. This will now be accessible by clicking on your initials in the top-right corner.

Inside CallRail app settings

Updated Settings Dropdowns

All of the company-level CallRail features you know and love will still be accessible via the Settings tab, we’ve just made a few updates to how you find them.

  • Notifications settings will be accessible via their own drop-down menu within the settings tab for quicker call notification and company summary configurations;
  • CallScore and Transcription settings have moved into their own Conversation Intelligence dropdown;
  • We’ve renamed the “Customizations” dropdown to “Tools” – but you’ll still have access to assign blocked callers; create and edit call tags; enable form submission tracking and keypad scoring; set a company’s outbound caller ID; and configure SMS quick responses from this menu.

Dynamic Number Insertion for call tracking

All of our documentation will be updated to reflect these improvements. Still have questions? Feel free to contact CallRail Support. Happy calling!