CallRail’s HIPAA-Compliance Ensures Medical Clients Have Room to Grow

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Marketing firm gains great insight, reinventing client’s campaigns, even when that client must protect patient privacy.

Brolik, a digital agency focused on branding, strategy, video and web, uses CallRail to drive strong benefits for their client—even growing one client’s business by an astounding 108%. But one client in particular had a unique requirement: They needed the robust insight delivered by CallRail so that Brolik could refine their online marketing efforts, but needed it to comply with the demands of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). CallRail was only too happy to oblige.

The Challenge

Brolik had seen excellent results with CallRail, but they were now facing a new situation. A client that was a cosmetic surgeon specializing in procedures such as eyelid surgeries and Botox injections, needed better visibility into their marketing initiatives and client relations. “We would basically talk to the client and say, ‘Hey, we noticed more traffic coming to your site. How are your leads?’” explained Bryce Liggins, Senior Marketing Strategist for Brolik Productions. “The client would respond with a guess about what their lead growth looked like that month. We simply did not have a solution for tracking down the exact business we were generating.”

The challenge was that patients and prospects calling the client were sharing medical information over the phone. While Liggins knew they needed to monitor these calls, they also needed a solution that would be compliant with HIPAA.

The CallRail Solution

Fortunately, CallRail has a HIPAA-compliant option, providing the visibility Brolik needed even when dealing with sensitive patient information. “CallRail took care of everything,” stated Liggins. “They signed a business associate agreement to keep all patient information secure. Their solution included HIPAA compliant encryption, and it was set up so that user accounts are automatically logged out after a fixed amount of inactivity to prevent unauthorized access. On our end, we secured the CallRail passwords for this account separately so that it cannot be accessed by just anyone. Only those assigned to the account can review this information.”

By adding these layers of security and privacy protection, Brolik can record inbound calls for both patients and prospects. Unique phone numbers are assigned to different campaigns to track the performance of new marketing efforts such as Search and Facebook advertising, but all calls are routed directly to the client in a secure method.

Enhanced visibility that is fully compliant

Once the HIPAA-compliant solution was activated Brolik started to gain immediate insight on their client. “For the calls that we have monitored so far, we have noticed an overwhelming trend that the prospective patients calling in are nervous about these procedures,” shared Liggins. “There was a fear about the negative effects of these procedures, so we are developing a content strategy to address that, and disprove some of the myths surrounding these treatments.”

“The call recording is so insightful when you actually get to hear what customers are saying, versus what our clients think their customers are saying,” he added.

Flexible Solution

While the effort with the cosmetic surgeon is still new, Liggins hopes to repeat the past success stories he has experienced while using CallRail with other clients as he explained, “For another client, we had what we thought was an incredibly successful Google Ads campaign. We were seeing conversion rates (conversion measured through contact form submission) of over 20% and a cost per acquisition of around $20. But when we activated call recording through CallRail, we discovered that 25-35% of these inbound calls were merely solicitations from other companies, responding to our search ad campaigns. What we thought was incredible performance was actually just a waste of ad dollars. After adjusting to this new reality, we were able to improve the ad spend of our client by 35%. Since activating CallRail, over the last two years, we have expanded this client’s business by 108%.”

“In another case, we had a client that was losing business and needed to know why,” he continued. “It turned out that the receptionist fielding calls was providing poor customer service. After attempts to correct the problem through training failed, they had to let that person go, but they would have not even been aware of the problem without CallRail.”

With the CallRail HIPPA module in place, Brolik is currently pitching their new HIPAA-compliant solution to other clients.They hope to use the technology to add a whole new dimension to their capabilities offered to clients in the medical space.Download our white paper for more information on how CallRail’s HIPAA compliant solution can work for you, and your clients.