CallRail springs into a new category in G2’s Spring 2021 Report

CallRail had a strong showing in last quarter’s G2 2021 Winter Report, and we’ve kept the momentum in G2’s Spring 2021 Report. Not only have we maintained our previous rankings (inbound call tracking, conversation intelligence, and attribution), but we’ve made headway into the Contact Center Operations Software category with our latest product: Lead Center.

We’re proud to (already!) be a leader in the space. But we wouldn't be there without our customers. Lead Center exists because they asked us for it.

G2-Blog-Graphic 04.05.2021

An omnichannel communications hub, Lead Center helps rising businesses and their teams work smarter and more efficiently by centralizing communications — calls, text, and soon, chat and more — into one single inbox. Since their team has visibility into all incoming communications, they can:

  • Reduce response times
  • Ensure no leads slip through the cracks
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Shorten their sales cycle
  • Save time (and money)

"Lead Center not only addresses the challenges we discovered in our customer research, but it also enables [small businesses] to keep up with evolving business and consumer needs,” said Jason Tatum, lead product manager at CallRail. "As the world continues to navigate the challenges of working from home, businesses need to communicate with customers from anywhere, and in the ways they prefer — whether through a call, text, or online chat.”

It’s important to note how Lead Center enhances Call Tracking’s key features. For example, you can use Call Tracking’s call flows, call routing, and inbound calling features to make sure that incoming customer and lead requests are being routed to the right people.

Then Lead Center takes it a step further by pulling that contact’s history and allowing agents to follow up by placing outbound calls or texts from within Lead Center (more on that here). Even better is having all that information automatically recorded and fed back into the CRM or marketing tool of choice, like Salesforce or HubSpot. And our customers agree:

“Multiple integrations, immediate alerts, and notifications, the ability to mark leads as qualified upon receipt, custom call flows including menus and strategic routing, and the ability to record calls [is why I enjoy Lead Center]. I also love the UI [because] it makes it very easy to see my data and pinpoint specific trends and opportunities with my campaigns.”

~Tim A. | Small Business

It's all of these features and ease of use that have helped us make a splash on the Contact Center Operation Software category. And there are plenty more capabilities that are yet to come. So as our customers continue to dole out the improvements, the CallRail team stays committed to providing a world-class solution that small businesses like you can continue to use and rely on.

To see how far the CallRail platform has come — from tracking calls to robust communication hub — download the infographic on the growth and evolution of call tracking.