CallRail: Fighting Robo Dialers One Call at a Time

If you’ve ever answered your phone and heard silence or an automated message on the other end of the line, then you understand the frustration of receiving a call from a robo dialer. We’ve seen the topic of “call spam” arise many times in the call tracking industry, and have worked diligently to find solutions that prevent these callers from reaching your business without interfering with calls from your customers.

Say Hello to Our Little Friend: Nomorobo

Robocallers may have finally met their match when dialing your tracking numbers, thanks to CallRail’s recent partnership with Nomorobo. Because of the collaboration with Nomorobo, CallRail is able to identify and block calls from known robo dialers by accessing Nomorobo’s database of numbers that are associated with telemarketers and robo dialers. For every call received by your tracking numbers, our system essentially asks Nomorobo, “Is this a robo dialer or a known telemarketer?” If the answer is no, we’ll allow the caller to reach your tracking number.

To date, this powerful system has prevented more than 25 million robocalls from reaching consumer’s phones. If you haven’t heard Nomorobo’s story yet, we recommend checking it out here.

In joining Nomorobo’s effort to end robo dialing, we’re able to access and contribute to a database of telephone numbers that has been compiled from multiple telecom providers, going beyond data generated by our own customers. This means that you’ll receive less annoying phone calls sooner, since we’re using data being that’s constantly being collected and updated by numerous carriers.

We’ve Got You Covered

Every CallRail account is now backed by the industry’s best anti-call spam technology, and it’s already set up within your account for you– at no additional cost.

Your CallRail account will automatically be configured to “challenge” robocallers and telemarketers on your “Blocked Numbers” page within each company in your account. With the settings configured to “Challenge,” anyone detected as calling from a potential spam number will hear a message asking them to press 1 before the call is connected. If the caller does not press 1 to connect, then the call will be disconnected.

Alternatively, you’re welcome to “block” robocallers and telemarketers, and if we detect a caller’s telephone number as a potential spam number, they’ll hear an automated message that states that calls from their number are not accepted.

Get the most accurate reporting data in your account, and give your time to your real customers. You can also check out other ways to prevent unwanted calls with this helpful document on how to filter calls received by your tracking numbers.