CallRail Connect 2020 Session Recordings

CallRail Connect 2020 digs deep into what our tools have to offer, plus insights into high-value features that are commonly overlooked.

Whether you’re a current customer, an integrator, or someone looking to see how CallRail can help perfect your marketing, CallRail Connect has something for you.

Networking: Planning for growth in 2021

Presented by Mary Pat Donnelon, Chief Revenue Officer at CallRail

2020 has been challenging, so planning for 2021 is a must. Learn from CRO, Mary Pat Donnellon, to gain actionable insights into driving new business growth in the new year.


Breakout session for customers: CallRail’s Inside Track

Presented by Lea Anne Roberts, Director of Marketing at Reliable Heating & Air and CallRail’s Christina Bourne, Jason Tatum, and Jessica Clarke

Get the inside scoop from CallRail's product team. Walk through an overview of Lead Center, get to know overlooked features, and get a sneak peek into our 2021 roadmap.


Breakout session for anyone exploring CallRail: Making the most of your marketing

Presented by Ashby Addis, Sales Enablement Manager at CallRail

Learn how CallRail can help SMBs up their marketing game and how it can help Agencies streamline their reporting, prove ROI, and retain clients.


Breakout session for integrators: Inside CallRail Integrations

Presented by Laura Lawrie, Senior Product Manager at CallRail & Élodie Mouillet, Product Manager at DashThis

Product Manager, Laura Lawrie, walks through integrating with CallRail and provides API and 3rd party integration best practices. Walk through a live case study with our partner from DashThis on why and how they’ve integrated with CallRail.


Roundtable: Selling new software to your managers

Presented by Meredith Stack, Demand Generation Marketing Manager at CallRail

Learn how to get buy-in for new tools from leadership and how to sell the value of CallRail to your managers. This discussion is helpful for anyone.


Roundtable: Setting your agency up for growth

Presented by Bridget Graf, Product Marketing Manager at CallRail, Andrew Miller, Co-Founder of Workshop Digital, and Gabriel Marguglio, CEO of Nextiny Marketing

Learn winning strategies for optimizing your internal resources from two of our top Agency Partners. This discussion is perfect for marketing agencies.


Roundtable: How to be a Superuser

Presented by Samantha O’Rourke, Agency Partner Advisor, Team Lead at CallRail

Learn how to become a super user from a super user. Sales Team Lead, Sam O'Rourke, shares an overview of the available custom development options and tips on getting started. This discussion is perfect for CallRail customers.


Roundtable: CallRail Q&A

Monitored by Jenny Bristow of Anvil Analytics, Conrad Saam and Erik Beatty of Mockingbird Marketing, & Mary Cate Spires of HarleyJames Consulting

Get your most pressing questions answered in this virtual roundtable with CallRail’s current customers. This discussion is great for anyone exploring CallRail.


Roundtable: Custom Cookie Capture

Presented by Laura Lawrie, Senior Product Manager at CallRail

Hear real-world development success stories with examples, including the pros and cons of different techniques. This discussion is great for engineers and integrators.


Keynote: Radical Candor, Creating a Culture of Feedback

Presented by Aaron Dimmock, Radical Candor

Explore how Radical Candor can help you do better work and build stronger teams to drive business success.


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