Whitelabeling CallRail: Brand Consistency for Your Call Tracking Clients

The Look You Want, The Features They Need

Whitelabeling CallRail allows you to keep your clients immersed in your brand, while providing them with all the features they need to get the most out of their call tracking experience.

Customizable Features for Brand Consistency

  • Create a custom subdomain for your client login page, featuring your agency name
  • Upload your logos, and have them appear on your login page, dashboard, and in email notifications
  • Set custom colors for your navigation bar, dashboard background, and icons

Give Your Clients the Power of Call Tracking

  • Keep a consistent brand image across all of your client-facing reporting systems.
  • Give your clients access to all of CallRail’s features and support documentation.
  • Supervise your customer experience, while offering call tracking as an additional service.

Get started, and learn how to enable Whitelabeling on your CallRail in our support documentation.