CallRail Announced as a Best Place to Work in Atlanta for The Third Year In a Row

Growth and Culture: What Makes CallRail a Best Places to Work in Atlanta?

CallRail was announced as one of the Best Places to Work in Atlanta in 2016 by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. This is the third year in a row CallRail has been recognized in the list. This year, CallRail ranked #7 in the mid-sized company category.

CallRail has been recognized by multiple organizations throughout the years for its outstanding growth and its commitment to culture. We’re expanding, adding more members to the team, all while quickly outgrowing work space. How do we not just make it work, but make work amazing?


One of the ways we maintain our culture while growing is going back to our core beliefs:

  • Life is more than work. Though we work hard, we value balance and expect to spend our evenings and weekends with friends and family.
  • Results matter. Work isn’t where you are or how long you spent; it’s what you accomplish.
  • We are entrepreneurial at heart. We see the big picture and understand the problems we solve.
  • Optimize for happiness. We believe that happy people are the most effective people. We take pride in our products, and believe that a fulfilling career contributes to a happy life.

We’re curious, driven, and entrepreneurial. We display this in how we design, build, and support our customers. We want our customers and colleagues to succeed, so we’re happy to help. We’re Team CallRail.

By remembering what brought us here, how far we’ve come, and keeping our eyes on the same prize, we’re able to enjoy this evolution together. CallRail is the startup we always wanted to work at, and we intend to keep it that way.

Check out the slideshow from the award ceremony for more information on the event.