Manage Calls and Create Reports by User with CallRail’s Agent Feature

We’re excited to announce a significant update to how we handle call accountability in CallRail with the release of Agents. Providing powerful call analytics of your callers is key; however, we know the importance of understanding how your team is handling calls.  We see this as a vital part of making our customer’s businesses more efficient– not just knowing which sources are providing the most leads, but also ensuring each Agent is operating to the best of his or her abilities.

What is a CallRail Agent?

An Agent is a specific user responsible for handling calls that have been routed to them through a CallRail tracking number that’s assigned to a Call Flow.

You’ll now have the ability route calls to a specific Agent through CallRail’s Call Flow Builder. First, the Agent decides where they’d like to receive calls– be it their office, home, or cell phone when working remotely. Then, an administrator will configure their Agent name as a destination within any Call Flow Builder. This allows for their Agent name to take ownership of the calls they receive.

While you’ll still be able to route calls to a single destination telephone number for general and non-dedicated lines, there are individual reporting benefits to routing calls using Agents instead of simply using just a destination number.

Learn how to setup and manage Agents within Lead Center.

Improved Call Management by Assignments

Call assignments and Agent analytics work off the same system of information. Whomever answers an incoming call, or whomever a voicemail was intended for, receives the call assignment. Once assigned, an Agent will be able to easily view and follow up with their calls via the activity dashboard by selecting their name in the new “Agent” filter. You’ll also be able view in-depth Agent analytics to by filtering inbound and outbound calls for any Agent from the activity dashboard and any report

We’ve also made our call notifications even more robust. In addition to receiving call notifications based on call activity on a specific tracking number or company in your account, an Agent can now receive an email notification for their own assigned calls.

Forward Calls While Away from the Office

We genuinely understand how scary it can be to edit live call flows, so we’ve worked to remove that fear. Now, instead of worrying about the integrity of your call flow, each Agent can edit their own personal call forwarding preferences safely, effortlessly, and at any time without changing anything within the Call Flow Builder. Additionally, an Agent can configured themselves to ring up to 5 different phones simultaneously, ensuring they’ll never miss an important call.

Get Started with Agents

Through the use of our powerful IVR and building custom call flows, you’ll now have the added ability to select a specific Agent  for a Dial, SimulCall, or Round Robin call flow step. Selecting a specific Agent allows CallRail to assign calls to them for better call management and Agent analytics.

For those already using CallRail, you know that call tracking is an essential part of your marketing strategy. It allows you to measure the degree of success from your marketing efforts in regards to the various channels through which you’re receiving leads. However, as you make improvements to your your team handles potential and current customers.