After quite a bit of customer requests, marketing agency requests, and development work we’re thrilled to announce our integration with Acquisio. This is the first official CallRail integration with a bid management platform. Below is a bit more about Acquisio, the CallRail integration, and how it aims to make your life easier as a marketer.

What is Acquisio?

Acquisio is a full-featured, performance media dashboard & management solution for marketers who work with various ad platforms, from PPC to YP to social media. In their own words, “Acquisio is a performance media solution that enables digital marketers to optimize their search campaigns and report on social, mobile and display initiatives.”

Acquisio has seen steady growth over the past several years, recently reaching 25,000 advertisers using their tools. Based in Montreal, the company also has offices in 4 other cities around the world and employs more than 150 people.

Why do people use Acquisio?

Put simply, Acquisio makes managing campaigns across a multitude of ad platforms simpler. For marketing agencies with multiple clients who are advertising across Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Facebook, YP, Bing Ads, and Google Display, life without Acquisio often requires logging in to each platform to launch, manage, and optimize paid campaigns.

Life with Acquisio, however, means a marketer can do all of the above on one platform and set up rules to automate common bidding adjustments to those campaigns. Add in the automated client reporting Acquisio offers and you’ve got an entire workflow solution for paid marketers.

What problem does the CallRail Acquisio integration solve?

For performance marketers using tools like Acquisio, knowing exactly which campaigns are driving conversion is critical. With conversion metrics like clicks, signups, appointments set, etc. a marketer using Acquisio’s bidding rules can setup automatic bid adjustments in order to prioritize campaigns that are driving conversions.

Example: If keyword X is driving 2 times more conversions than keyword Y, then bid 10% higher on campaign X.

While some conversions are easily trackable using tools included in each ad platform, phone calls require call tracking software like CallRail to capture call conversions. Frequently cited as the most valuable lead/conversion that can come from a paid media campaign, phone calls are important conversions to consider when managing and optimizing campaigns in Acquisio. Enter the CallRail Acquisio integration.

With the integration enabled, marketers using both Acquisio and CallRail can view call conversion data captured by CallRail that is associated with campaigns managed by Acquisio side by side. Armed with call conversion data from CallRail, Acquisio users can create bidding rules and reports based on what’s making the phone ring.

How to setup the CallRail Acquisio integration

Because the integration was built by Acquisio (with official support from CallRail), you’ll need to go into Acquisio settings and enable it from there. At the time of writing this, the integration needs to be activated by your Acquisio Account Manager. Below are step by step instructions.

  1. In CallRail, go to the integration setup page and click on Acquisio.
  2. Grab the CallRail company ID and your Acquisio API token for the company you would like to connect to Acquisio.
  3. Go to Acquisio’s integration settings and click on CallRail.
  4. Use the request button displayed on the page to send a note to your account manager. You will need to provide your account manager the Company ID and API token from Step two.
  5. Once Acquisio has enabled the integration on their end, it will show up as enabled within CallRail on your integrations page.

You can learn more about how to get started with our Acquisio integration in our support documentation.

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