Knowing the value of your individual callers is crucial for following-up with sales opportunities and tracking marketing campaign performance. But when you’re answering large quantities of phone calls on a daily basis, it can be difficult to remember important details about the customers you speak with.

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our Keypad Scoring feature to help you out: the call value field. Now, when using Keypad Scoring for the companies in your account,  you can enter the sales value of the phone call as soon as the call ends. No more scrambling to remember the sales amounts discussed in previous phone calls, and more accurate reporting available at your fingertips.

Real-Time Conversion Data for All of Your Calls

As soon as the call ends, you’re able to press the “*” key on your telephone’s keypad to interact with the prompts that apply call tags, a lead status, and now a sales value to your call. If the caller hangs up before you have a chance to press the star key, you’ll also hear prompts to add a value, tag, or lead status to the call. The caller never hears these messages – only the agent who answered the call.

The value assigned to each phone call via Keypad Scoring will populate within the CallRail dashboard and email notifications instantly.

Lead scoring through phone call data


Identify Real Revenue Opportunities

Tracking sales conversions is critical to optimizing your marketing not just around quantity of calls, but around high-quality calls and sales amounts. Easily track high-value leads from your most effective channels by having your sales team apply call values using Keypad Scoring. See the amount of revenue brought in by each agent, PPC keyword, and marketing source to identify the tactics that are working.

Use the call value field to:

  • Report on your highest value marketing campaigns and keywords.
  • Track how your agents are handling callers of different revenue amounts.
  • View the complete ROI picture.

Are you ready to start tracking the value of your phone calls? Read our support article to learn how to turn on Keypad Scoring.

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