Top call tracking tips for real estate marketing

Real estate marketing can be a tough game to play, and no one knows that better than realtors. The path to purchase is a long and winding road, one that requires plenty of research and investigation on the buyer’s part, and loads of guidance and persistence from the agent.

Payoffs can be big for dedicated realtors, but there’s an equally good chance that a sale will fall through, and you’ll walk away with nothing. Which is why it’s so crucial for realtors to use the best possible technology, especially when it comes to a tried-and-true marketing channel: Phone calls.

Fortunately, we here at CallRail have your back with plenty of features designed to make your real estate business more responsive, efficient, and, yes, profitable. Check out our handy collection of tips below about how to best put CallRail to work for your real estate business.

Multiple ways to cover multiple properties

Even our smallest package offers 10 local numbers for $45 month, complete with text and voicemail capabilities. If you have 10 properties and would like them all assigned a specific phone number to track interest via bandit signs or your website, that’s definitely covered by our basic package.

Let’s take a scenario where you have far more than 10 properties, so you’d like to assign your numbers out on an area-by-area basis. With our powerful call routing capabilities, you can create a menu for incoming callers, who can then press a number on their keypad to be routed to a specific property in a given region. This leads to more efficient number usage on your end, and you’ll enjoy savings on your monthly bill to boot.

Ringless voicemail

Let’s say you have one of our tracking numbers advertising a particular piece of property that’s getting a lot of attention, but you don’t have the time to take (or even return) every single call that comes to it.  Wouldn’t it be easier if this number just rang to a voicemail that you could check at your convenience? This is a service other companies offer by itself for a set cost, but it comes standard with of any CallRail package, and it takes all of a minute or two to set up.

You can also use our Automation Rules feature to determine who is calling that qualifies as a lead based off of the content of the messages they leave. That means less time wasted combing through an inbox full of messages to get to only a few offers that may be worth exploring further.

Powerful built-in softphone capabilities

With our Lead Center, you can utilize the softphone included with our platform to both make and receive the calls that drive your business. You can call/text out through any of your tracking numbers, and these will all be tracked in the same way as the incoming traffic on your Activity Log.

If there are multiple people in your organization, and the thought of having to get each of them their own phone number and desk phone has been a daunting financial hurdle, this feature speaks directly to you; like the majority of our other features, our softphone is included in the package you pay for by default.

Instantly integrate CallRail data with other digital services

While the features discussed above are self-contained within CallRail, we certainly recognize that businesses of all sizes use many other pieces of marketing or CRM software to keep things organized and running smoothly.

Do you have a website where your properties are listed? Great! We have a foolproof native integration with Google Analytics. Do you use Salesforce or Hubspot to keep track of potential leads? We play very nicely with them as well. And these are just a few examples from our ever-growing list of supported third-party services.

Even if a particular item you rely on isn’t something we integrate with natively, our Zapier integration acts as a handy connector to make sure CallRail fits into whatever system you use.

Knowledgeable, industry-leading support

We realize that a lot of what we offer is bound to need a bit of explanation, which is why you’ll have access to our world-class support team every step of the way. Additionally, a member of our sales team will be with you from day one of your free trial to guide you through any initial questions you may have.

We aim to make our platform incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, and the goal is to make you feel empowered to make the best possible use of everything we have to offer. Additionally, our handy library of support documentation walks through every step of every feature we have, and it’s a few clicks away anytime you need it.

These features mentioned above really only scrape the surface of what we have to offer – no two businesses are the same, and we have plenty of other tricks up our sleeve that could be of great value to your real estate endeavors.

If you’re ready to see the benefits call tracking can bring to your real estate business, you can start right now: Begin your 14-day free trial of CallRail or request a personalized demo.