Our Top Call Tracking Tips for Sales Teams

Streamlining the sales process is something that’s top of mind for many of our clients, and as a result, it’s also top of mind for us. It’s no surprise that our clients care about best practices when it comes to implementing and running their sales tools, in fact, according to Brainshark, 55% of top-performing companies are driving productivity by investing in sales enablement technology. That’s why we’ve created features and tools that make the sales process efficient and effective. We’ve also created and shared a lot of content that covers the best ways to use those tools to drive the results sales teams want. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite post and mentions on sales tactics that drive conversions for your business.

Improve Your Sales Approach

In this post from Inc.com, we were mentioned among other hard to live without sales tools. Since one of the greatest challenges your company will face is growing sales and measuring the true ROI on sales’ efforts, spending smart money on sales is an important key to sustained company growth. Here’s what they had to say about call tracking:

“Once your sales team does pick up the phone, how effective are they in moving a customer along the sales process? Telephony technology has improved at the small and medium business level, providing enterprise level integrations that were previously only available to larger companies.

CallRail, for example, maps call recording with online ad spend to optimize your dollars spent and provides access to these metrics inside your existing CRM, accounting or marketing automation platforms. This visibility provides your marketing team with the fullest possible picture of customer and lead generation data.”

Interview Sales Experts

In this post, we spoke to five industry experts and thought leaders in order to find out what advice they have for improving the success of their inbound sales team. We asked each of them the following question: “What top 3 inbound sales tips for closing phone leads would you give to promising salespeople?” You can view the slideshow below to check out some of their answers, and read the full post.

From the Experts: Inbound Sales Tips for Closing Leads from CallRail

Focus on Lead Conversion

Sales, marketing, and customer service are all part of a winning sales unit. There has to be an alignment of goals and processes you use to close a sale and continue to provide the support and service the customer needs and wants. It costs far less to sell to a repeat (and satisfied) customer than to find and convert new prospects. You want to prepare your sales staff with the proper training and tips to dominate good leads as they come in via your marketing campaigns. Some of these tips in this post are part of a tried-and-true traditional sales training and others are new uses for technology and software applications. View the full post for more tips on developing high-converting sales reps.

Integrate Call Analytics with Salesforce

Salesforce is phenomenal for sales teams, and we’ve experienced the power of integrating our systems with it first hand here at CallRail. Integrating CallRail with Salesforce allows you to see your phone call activity, lead attribution, and customer information all in the application where your sales team lives. With CallRail’s Salesforce integration you’ll be able to add call-related insights to your already valuable Salesforce dashboards and workflows.The best way to properly assess conversion rates and marketing ROI is to link every lead back to their specific marketing source – including phone calls. While Salesforce allows you to tie marketing campaign activity to lead and contact records, without integrated call tracking you aren’t seeing the whole picture. CallRail’s Salesforce integration enables the full visibility you need to prove your marketing impact. Learn what our integration with Salesforce allows you to do.

Learn what our integration with Salesforce allows you to do. Also, if you don’t use Salesforce, take a look at our other call tracking integrations to see if your platform is available.