CallRail onboarding made easy: Testing DNI with a single click

When it comes to achieving a complete understanding of the buyer’s journey, CallRail’s Dynamic Number Insertion feature is a must-have for marketers who work with call data. By installing a snippet of code on your site, you’ll gain a better understanding of the sources and channels that are driving calls to your business — unlocking near-infinite opportunities to optimize your campaigns.

DNI installation is critical to setting up your CallRail account, but many might hear the words “install JavaScript code” and immediately want to skip ahead. We understand that making alterations of any kind to your website’s source code can be daunting, even for some of the most tech-savvy users.

That’s why we’re very excited to share this latest update to our DNI feature: Auto-test DNI, a self-service diagnostic tool that will help you quickly asses whether the DNI code snippet is properly installed on your site. It’s all part of our mission to make call tracking seamless and easy-to-use for marketers of every stripe.

Introducing Auto-test DNI

  • Ensure each call is properly attributed. Auto-test DNI helps ensure that every call is properly routed, and every lead is properly attributed. With the Auto-test DNI tool, you’ll immediately know what adjustments need to be made to ensure your campaigns are being tracked accurately.
  • Eliminate DNI troubleshooting. With the Auto-test DNI tool, there’s no need for a developer to test the code snippet — simply copy and paste the code, and receive a status check in seconds:

DNI code snippet test

Test your DNI

To test your DNI code, simply copy and paste the URL where the code snippet is installed and receive the results in moments, eliminating the need for tedious troubleshooting.

The Auto-DNI tool will also show you exactly where on your page the number is located, its status, the time of last test, the tracking number, and swap target details. If the code snippet has been installed incorrectly, the tool will return an error with additional details about any corrections that need to be made.

Live testing of DNI code swap

The Auto-test DNI is a company-dependent feature that can be accessed from the Integrations page, under the ‘Dynamic Number Insertion’ heading.