Call Tracking Metrics: The Most Important Metrics to Measure

If you’re managing or marketing for a business that runs on inbound phone calls, first consider yourself lucky. Inbound calls convert at a higher rate than any other lead channel, dwarfing other web activity with 30 to 50 percent higher conversion rates.

Second, consider implementing a call tracking service. Why? At a glance, you’ll be able to view which advertisements are driving calls to to your business so you can focus your spend on what actually works, plus you’ll have the insight to make sure those leads are qualified.

If you’ve already implemented a call tracking system, you might already know the benefits of understanding the full story behind your leads. Now, it’s time to focus on what metrics you can measure to transform your campaigns and optimize your inbound strategy.

What Call Tracking Metrics Should I Focus On?

Here’s a brief rundown of metrics that you should be focusing on once you implement a call tracking solution:

  • Call Volume – You’ll be able to view attribution and understand what ads drive calls. You can also view detailed reports and get insight into call patterns, giving you insight that will help you fully understand ROI.
  • First-time Callers – This metric shows you which callers are reaching out to you for the first time. This is an extremely important metric you’ll want to pay attention to. This KPI also shows you which marketing strategies are bringing in new calls to your business.
  • Call Duration – Not all calls are equally valuable. Some calls are likely to yield better leads than others. In general, the longer the call, the more likely it is to turn into a quality lead. After all, why would a prospect waste so much time speaking with your team if they aren’t interested in your product or service? Call tracking metrics provide you with the length of each call, allowing you to determine which campaigns, keywords, PPC landing pages, and ads generate longer, more meaningful conversations .
  • Call Time of Day and Location – While PPC campaigns allow you to change bids by time of day and location, call tracking metrics can tell you what time of day and what locations result in the largest percentage of conversions. You can use this information to adjust your bids accordingly, allowing you to make the most of your PPC dollars.
  • PPC Landing Page Performance – Prospects typically have two options when visiting your PPC landing page: They can either fill out a contact form or pick up the phone to call you. Without call tracking, you will only be able to gather data about the number of forms filled out. In many instances, this could make it seem like your PPC conversion rate is much lower than it actually is.

CallRail’s call tracking services help you optimize your marketing efforts. When you use our call tracking services, you have the ability to leverage call metrics to gather detailed, actionable data that can impact your overall marketing strategy. Ready to get started?

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