Call Tracking Data to Analyze Your Trade Show Marketing

Does Your Trade Show Marketing Work?

According to a study conducted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 77 percent of trade show attendees are potential clients and 82 percent of trade show attendees have buying authority in their company. So potential clients with the ability to purchase your product or service are attending trade shows, but how do you find out if you’re spending your trade show marketing budget on what effectively reaches them?

With CallRail call tracking, you can assign a unique phone number to each piece of marketing collateral you bring to your trade shows and find out if the collateral got the attention of prospective customers and motivated them to call your business.

Find Out if Your Trade Show Marketing Works in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Place unique call tracking numbers from CallRail on all of your trade show marketing pieces.
  2. When potential clients from the trade show call these unique numbers, CallRail will collect data surrounding the call and forward the call to your business.
  3. Use the data provided to get insight into how effective your trade show marketing pieces are at capturing the attention of potential clients and motivating them to call.

Why Use Call Tracking in Your Trade Show Marketing:

  • If you decide to use multiple marketing channels at a trade show (brochures, fliers, an advertisement in the trade show directory, a power point presentation) you can use unique numbers for each channel to see which one is most effective.

  • If you plan on spending face to face time with prospective clients during a networking event or lunch meeting at the trade show,  you can use call tracking phone numbers on your business card to see if that time spent converted into calls.

  • If you’re using a website URL and a phone number on your marketing pieces you can combine your online and offline analytics for a full picture of your trade show ROI.

Implementing call tracking in your trade show marketing allows you to save money and time by using your marketing budget on what works!