Why real estate professionals should use call tracking

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Main takeaways

  • Real estate professionals have unique marketing and client management needs that not every call tracking solution in the market can handle. In a business based on relationships, unique client preferences, and a need for flexibility, a comprehensive, integrated platform solves many of the challenges real estate professionals face.
  • A platform like CallRail can enhance call tracking with Conversation Intelligence, detailed customer and keyword analytics, and simple integration within an existing digital ecosystem to provide the marketing and client management answers real estate professionals need to grow their business.

Real estate professionals operate in a unique marketplace where their inventory can vary widely for a number of reasons, both in quality and in quantity. On top of that, you have to account for different buyer and seller personality types, so it’s easy to see why these professionals need every tool at their disposal to balance their contacts and stay ahead of the game.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many tools and platforms available that can weave together the features that real estate professionals need to attract, nurture, and manage their contacts to find the right buyer, renter, or seller at the right time.

One option is using an integrated call tracking platform that is designed specifically to help businesses efficiently scale and grow. By making each marketing dollar work harder with a full set of data-driven tools, it’s possible to obtain a deeper understanding of your contacts than ever before.

So just how can your real estate team use call tracking to its advantage and make the most of each quality lead?

What are some of the marketing challenges real estate professionals face?

Realtors and real estate marketers are consummate multitaskers and networkers, but even these professionals need a hand as their businesses and reputations grow.

When a business is small, it’s easier to manage contacts, remember conversations, and balance all the personalities and preferences. But as the business grows, these efforts become more complex and resource-intensive. Of these efforts, marketing can be one of the most complicated.

Real estate professionals have to constantly answer several key questions across a range of factors, including:

  • Audience knowledge: Which people need to see our marketing content? Who is currently viewing our materials?
  • Coordination and timing: Which marketing techniques should be used to reach the target audience, and when? Which platforms are best for which type of content and which audience? How do you make your ads stand out?
  • Quality: Which type of ad content resonates the most with the target audience?
  • Quantity: How much of each type of marketing content is most effective? How much of the marketing budget should be allocated across the available channels? How many marketing platforms should be used?
  • Lead communication: How do we effectively provide a timely response with the information they need in the way they prefer (call, text, or chat)?

What is call tracking, and why is it important?


What if you could step into a potential client’s shoes and know a bit more about what attracted them to your business, what they were reading when they collected your contact information, and what their potential is to turn into a real, viable lead?

These are just a few of the benefits of call tracking. It provides real estate professionals and their marketing teams with not only a method to determine how callers found them, but also can be used to answer some of the challenges these callers are facing.

Instead of a gut feeling or back-of-the-envelope math, your business will know exactly which marketing efforts and methods are making the phone ring. In other words, you can objectively measure the success of your advertising campaigns, refine your delivery over time, and optimize future marketing strategies.

Not only that, but with CallRail, your team gains access to a platform that summarizes each interaction with every lead, beginning with the first contact with your advertising campaign. And all of this detailed customer data will be at your fingertips, no matter where you are or what device you prefer to use.

Why should real estate professionals and marketers use call tracking?

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Real estate professionals are known for their ability to harness the power of data for their clients’ benefit. They are also known for their flexibility, making the most of their productive time no matter where they are.

CallRail’s Call Tracking builds on this work ethic and data-driven approach when it comes to your marketing and lead management efforts. Here are just a few of the key ways call tracking can maximize your real estate business.

Capture marketing analytics

Imagine if you could consolidate all of the customer data that you have from across your digital platforms into a single tool? That means your marketing, sales, customer engagement, and website data streams into one dashboard that is organized, compiled, and ready for you when it’s time for a conversation. Armed with information like this, you could, for example, identify which keywords are resonating the most with your leads to improve your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Attribute leads

Can you name which of your marketing efforts brings in the most clients? With CallRail, you can take the guesswork of manually figuring out which campaign is driving the most clients to your business without having to use different contact numbers. With an intuitive dashboard and powerful built-in analytics, your team can get what we call “more conversion bang for your marketing buck.”

Improve the customer experience

The customer experience may not be the first thing you think of when you hear call tracking, but CallRail isn’t your typical platform. Our Conversation Intelligence software has the ability to:

  • Accurately transcribe your calls
  • Automatically leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze each conversation, create word clouds, and capture trends
  • Quickly generate data and reports so you can refine your client training and approach
  • Visually highlight key terms and phrases used during each conversation

All of these tools come with our intuitive dashboard, allowing you to dive deep into a specific call or monitor trends over time to find new insights. This information can then be used to improve the customer experience, identify the best time to call certain types of clients, or generate new talking points based on preferences or previous conversation topics.

Enhance your digital platform

On top of all the call and lead data that CallRail delivers, the platform is also designed to easily integrate with a business’s existing tech stack. CallRail is designed to integrate with more than 700 marketing tools, meaning you don’t have to overhaul your marketing infrastructure to benefit from the richer data. For example, CallRail’s Form Tracking software, which captures a snippet of detailed user information right before a contact form is submitted, works with one line of fast, lightweight code.

The best part? It integrates all of the data — keywords, sources, form submission, calls, digital ads, and more — into a seamless timelines, giving you a holistic view of your prospects' entire buying journey.

CallRail’s features not only help your business maximize existing data sources, but they also ease implementation and help you recognize a return on your investment.

Improve your connection with your leads

Finally, with so much on their plates already, CallRail’s Lead Center gives real estate professionals the ability to stay connected with their teams and clients, no matter where they get their work done. Using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, Lead Center uses call tracking to automatically track call analytics and lead data into a single inbox. Then it gives real estate teams the ability to tag and annotate calls so they can spend more time on the prospects with the most potential to drive their business forward.

Take the next step

Real estate professionals have to be “on” and available seemingly around the clock, so it’s understandable that they want a marketing, call tracking, and lead management solution that works just as hard as they do.

CallRail’s full platform of tools delivers the detailed, real-time customer data that real estate professionals need to refine their marketing strategy and manage contacts, leads, and conversations in one intuitive interface.

Take the next step forward and boost your real estate business with your own 14-day free trial.