Call Tracking for Landing Pages and Subdomains

Targeted Landing Pages and Subdomains for Campaigns

By now, you probably know the importance of using targeted landing pages for your online marketing campaigns. In fact 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign and 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to capture sales leads for future conversions, according to Marketing Sherpa.

It’s easy to understand why they’re so popular. Landing pages allow you to generate and capture leads while using marketing automation software like HubSpot. If set up properly within Google Analytics, these landing pages can track visits or clicks on these pages and report on them.

There is one blind spot, however. When a visitor decides to pick up the phone, you won’t be able to tie that conversion back to the landing page that drove it – unless you implement call tracking on your landing pages and subdomains.

Tracking Call Conversions from Subdomains & Landing Pages

When you use Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) on these types of pages, the original referrer will be carried across any subdomain or landing page visited. The DNI javascript swaps the phone number on the landing page or subdomain according to the original referrer. This makes sure the call tracking number for a visitor who lands on, for example, will be the same as the number that shows up when the visitor navigates to

Additionally, visitor-level call tracking with CallRail lets you track the entire path to conversion from advertisements, through landing pages and subdomains and any other pages clicked on, all the way to that precious phone call.

For example, lets say a potential lead clicks on one of your Google Ads (formerly AdWords) PPC campaigns, and lands on one of the landing pages or subdomains you’ve created for that campaign.

If you are using visitor-level call tracking on that page, and the potential lead places a call to that number, your dashboard will show that the lead initially clicked on your Ads campaign, then called your tracking phone number from the landing page.

You can also use two numbers for split testing different versions of landing pages and subdomains. Plus, call tracking gives you the added benefit of features like call recording that give you more context into the quality of leads that are generated by a campaign.

Benefits of Call Tracking for Subdomains & Landing Pages

  • See every touch point a lead has with your campaign before converting. This empowers you with the information you need to understand more about who converts and why so you can optimize your online campaigns accordingly.
  • All the features that come standard with call tracking, like call recording, call routing, and A/B conversion testing allow you to test your landing pages and get better context of calls.
  • Get deeper insights on conversions by integrating the analytics you receive from your landing pages with your CallRail phone call data.
  • Make marketing decisions based on what really works, without missing conversions that start online but take place over the phone.