Call Tracking for Better Customer Service

Make A Great First Impression

We all know customer service is paramount to every business, so it’s important to make sure your representatives are prepared and properly trained when answering calls. Often, those calls are the first interaction prospective clients have with your company, so you want their first impression to be a great one.

The 2017 Global Customer Service Barometer conducted for American Express, found that seven out of ten customers will spend more money with a company that provides a positive customer service experience, and that more than half of consumers intended to do a transaction with a business in 2017 but decided not to, based on a poor customer service experience.

Call tracking can help you ensure your prospective clients receive a positive customer service experience, enabling you to close more transactions and resulting in increased revenue for your business.

CallRail Features For Effective Customer Service:

  • Whisper Messages: CallRail Whisper Messages allow customer service representatives to quickly find out which marketing campaign prompted a phone call, allowing them to be proactive when providing information and helping them tailor their approach for every caller, even before the call begins.

  • Call Recording: CallRail’s Call Recording feature is a great tool to use when coaching and providing valuable feedback to representatives who handle your calls. The Call Visualizer, our latest recording playback upgrade, gives you more control when playing back calls, allowing you to visually find where calls start, skip to the most important parts of your conversations and speed up conversations, giving you the ability to efficiently train customer service representatives.

  • Integrations: CallRail Integrations help you easily sync your call tracking data to your existing marketing, sales, and analytics systems. There are hundreds of web based applications that integrate with CallRail, including customer service sites like Salesforce and Zendesk, allowing representatives to easily access all of your customer service data in one central location.