Streamline Agent Management with the New Calls by Agent Report

Reporting on your team’s success at an individual level is an integral part of your organization’s success as a whole. However, when managing a team, working towards a quota, or striving for customer satisfaction, reporting can often become a secondary priority.

With CallRail’s newest reporting feature, it’s never been easier to streamline performance management. In addition to analyzing your calls by source, page, keyword, date, etc, you can now report on calls at the agent level. With insights into inbound and outbound calls, duration, and missed call rates, paired with our completely customizable filters, you can efficiently see how your agents are handling calls; the exact data that matters most when reaching your marketing or departmental goals.

Improve Agent Performance for Ongoing Team Success

Encourage friendly competition amongst sales teams

With live call data and custom filters, easily see call volume and duration per agent, broken out by inbound versus outbound.

Ensure sterling customer experience

Identify potential trainings or growth opportunities for your call center or customer success team by having insight into missed call rates.

Customizable and reportable

Easily export, or push data into your analytics platform or custom dashboards via API for an at-a-glance view of performance. Filter by company for a more granular breakdown.

Calls by Agent

Calls by Agent report: Best Practices

The Calls by Agent report is included free-of-charge with every CallRail account and found beneath the Behavior portion of Reporting. For the most robust and precise reporting capabilities, ensure you are utilizing CallRail’s Agents feature to see exact data per agent. If agents are not created, the Calls by Agent report can still be generated, however, the destination number will be displayed as the agent, as opposed to the name.

To learn more about how call tracking and analytics can improve your business, request your no-obligation demo of CallRail, or go ahead and start your 14-day free trial.