Is Call Recording the Most Powerful Feature?

At CallRail, we offer a wide range of features that allow businesses to effectively run their marketing campaigns. We’ve seen marketers decrease their ad spend, boost their ROI, and dramatically change the way they run their marketing campaigns all through the insight they’ve garnered from call analytics. But with tools, features, and integrations as far as the eye can see – which feature do you absolutely need for your business? The answer may surprise you, and it’s call recording.

This feature is so simple that it is easily overlooked as just another type of phone functionality, but in reality, this powerful tool can change the way you do marketing forever. So why is call recording, an older feature than most of the latest and greatest integrations and management tools, one of the most powerful call analytics features? Lead qualification, coaching, and of course, more in-depth and robust reporting on how your campaigns are working.

The Power of Call Recording

  • Lead Qualification: Listen to your inbound and outbound phone calls. Qualify leads and focus your ad spend on what’s converting, streamlining your marketing and increasing your conversion rate.
  • Coaching: Listen to recordings and know how your staff is handling phone calls. Provide your sales representatives with valuable feedback on how to properly handle leads. Improve overall customer service and client retention.
  • Robust Reporting: After listening to calls, evaluate them using tags to categorize leads and create conversion rate reports. Write notes during calls to ensure important information is captured for team communication and client follow up.

Call recording is so much more than just listening to calls, it’s initiating best practices to increase your client retention rate and your conversion rate.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Our clients are big fans of our recording feature too, and they’ve learned first-hand how something so simple can have a huge impact on their business.

  • “We can prove and show the type of calls ads are driving, and they can hear the recordings of what offer the customer is calling about for context. “ –  James Lindsay, CEO of SocialON.

  • Not only can we quantify leads and show clients how much their calls are costing, features like call recording allows us to  listen to calls for lead qualification and coach our clients on how to convert those leads into customers,” – David Forster, President of Adster Creative.

  • “It’s a fantastic tool we can use to hear the calls coming in and study how the sales team is talking to our current and potential customers. For our clients, they’ve had increased conversions on every account that uses CallRail since implementation.” – Marc Fishman, President of Inspree.

Learn more on our website on how to record phone calls, or contact our sales team to start qualifying leads and driving more conversions today.