What is call monitoring?

What is Call Monitoring?

Call monitoring is the process of listening to live or previously recorded calls in order to audit the performance of call representatives, improve sales or marketing efforts, score the call for leads, and/or develop sales or support strategies.

Who Uses Call Monitoring?

We’ve all probably heard the automated message when we’ve called a large business: “This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes.” Call centers or customer support are often the first businesses that come to mind when determining who uses call monitoring. We tend to associate call monitoring with quality control and training. However, this feature can be used for various businesses and departments.

Call Centers and Answering Services

Call centers are large offices that take a high volume of calls. Call monitoring is often used in these businesses to determine that callers’ needs are met in the appropriate ways, phone representatives are following their directives, and other standards are being met. An answering service might also use call monitoring. The people taking the calls oftentimes don’t actually work directly for the business for which they take calls. Therefore, call monitoring can help both parties understand what is working and what can be improved upon.

Sales Departments

Sales departments benefit from call monitoring in many ways. Sales managers can listen to the calls of trainees to give feedback, use monitored calls from experienced account executives as examples of successful sales calls, add notes and tags to monitored calls, and even score a call while listening in.

Call monitoring is often used to help improve sales workflows, bottom lines, and more. New sales employees can use call monitoring to listen to the conversations that experienced employees have with leads and customers. They can learn how to handle special cases and answer any questions they encounter.

Sales management can also use call monitoring to ensure that sales agents are giving leads the best service and that phone reps are talking with leads any promotions or services that are supposed to be mentioned. Managers can also track how leads are handled and routed after they are received, and add notes and tags to calls for future use. Call monitoring also allows anyone listening in to manually score a call as a lead or not.

Marketing Departments

Marketing departments can also take advantage of call monitoring to determine the quality of the leads they are driving. Call monitoring also allows marketing to determine if there are ay disconnects between the marketing message and the sales message. If the two are not aligned, potential customers could be confused and not convert.

Users can also monitor calls that have already taken place through call recording.

Lead Center

CallRail’s Lead Center offers call monitoring and other real-time insights that enhance customer experiences and generate revenue. Lead Center has softphone capabilities, giving you an easy-to-configure phone system that integrates with call analytics to view marketing sources driving calls.