How CallRail is Simplifying the Call Log Experience

CallRail’s Call Log is central to managing all inbound and outbound call activity; it’s the lift-off point for all of your valuable phone call insights. CallRail users come here to view phone calls in real-time, see which marketing campaigns are driving the best phone leads, view caller ID data, and so much more.

That’s why, as part of our most recent user interface updates, we’ve simplified some of the data within the Call Log to make it more intuitive and useful for our users. Check it out!

New Combined Data Columns

When we first started researching how we could improve the Call Log for our users, it became apparent that several of our data points could be combined for more simplified reporting. We found that many CallRail users were having to scroll horizontally to find the insights they were looking for with so many separate columns available – not an ideal user experience.

To reduce the complication, and avoid that endless scrolling, we’ve combined several columns in more unified data points for you to analyze your inbound phone call leads. These new combined sections are:

  • Tracking Number – this column will now include both the number name as well the as tracking number the caller dialed.
  • Customer – the Customer column will comprise both the caller’s name according to their caller ID settings, as well as their phone number.
  • Agent – we have combined both the agent’s name and phone number into a single data point so you can see both who answered the call, as well as which phone they used to answer (including softphone if they’re using Lead Center).

These new merged data columns will not affect your CSV export, as you’ll still see Agent Name and Number, Customer Name and Number, as well as Tracking Number and Name as distinct columns within the .csv for reporting purposes.

Re-Ordered Call Log Data Columns

The Call Log is the first page you see whenever you login to your CallRail account, so it’s extremely useful for understanding how your phone call campaigns are performing at a high-level. In order to improve that process, and help users find what they’re looking for even faster, we’ve re-ordered the Call Log columns to bring the most important data front and center.

The Call Log data columns will now be listed in the following order:

  • Company
  • Tracking Number
  • Source
  • Start Time
  • Duration
  • Customer
  • City
  • Agent
  • Session-Level Data (including Referring Domain, Medium, Keywords, Campaign, Landing Page, and Device Type)
  • Value
  • Tag
  • CallScore

You’ll see this new order reflected in both the actual Call Log as well as the Table Settings drop-down menu. This new ordering will also affect our CSV export functionality, so if you’re using exports to push CallRail data into other third-party sources be sure to update your spreadsheets accordingly.

An Improved Call Log for Better Access to Insights

Before you even start analyzing your call data or managing new inbound phone leads, the Call Log gives you a great overview of how phone calls are performing in a central and convenient location. We hope these updates will improve your workflows, and increase the value you receive from your CallRail data.