Harness the Power of Call Intelligence Software

Time is arguably the most desired commodity in a world full of things that take up, well… time. As data-driven marketers, your focus is probably split between meetings, delivering and measuring KPIs, and manually managing multiple marketing tools. There is, however, a respite to these daunting tasks: automation. Automation has given marketers the power to understand how their marketing channels are driving leads without having to turn all of the knobs themselves, saving time and ultimately making you a lean, mean marketing machine.

How Conversation Analytics and Intelligence Help

When it comes to call analytics, here at CallRail we’ve always wanted to save you time and get to the point. The point being, what drives the highest conversions and what makes a lead pick up the phone and ultimately convert into a customer. We’ve always shown you what makes your phone ring, but now we’ve made that process even sleeker.

Conversation analytics takes your call data one step further by providing you with detailed information about the actual conversation yoru team has with a caller. Our call intelligence technology makes it easy to qualify phone leads, letting you focus on what’s really converting. Using duration reporting, machine learning, call metadata, and transcriptions, CallRail’s call intelligence takes the guesswork out of qualifying leads. We provide you with what is needed to determine which phone leads should be priority, allowing you focus on improving conversions. You can review the conversation analytics instead of taking the time to listen to each call recording yourself.

Call Flow Builder

Getting a phone lead connected to the correct employee is the first step to a successful call. A caller having an easy experience and quickly getting connected to who they should speak to is imperative to increasing conversion rates. If a caller has to be transferred and possibly transferred multiple times, they will increasingly lose patience.

The call flow builder is a simple feature that allows you to route every call to the right person, every time. You’ll have different options to set up call flows including the following:

  • Day and time scheduling to route calls.
  • Giving the caller menu options to let them choose the right person they would like to speak with.
  • Automated routing based on the needs of your specific business.

Getting the lead connected to the employee that will provide them with the correct information they need at the beginning of the call will give the caller a better experience.

Conversion Reporting by Duration

Some calls don’t have enough depth to count as conversions and one easy way to tell is by the length of the call. To give your conversion numbers more meaning, you only want to report productive conversations as conversions.

Using our call intelligence technology, you can set up your calls to only report to third-party analytics tools (including Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, and Salesforce.com) and your personal reports as conversions based on duration. Depending on your business and your past experiences, choose a call length that best suits you. This means calls will only be counted as conversions if they exceed a certain length, such as 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes, whatever number you decide.

You can even set up minimum conversion requirements and associate them with each different company in your account. This feature allows you to skip over calls that only lasted a short period of time and are not worth putting your time towards.

Conversation Analytics

CallRail’s conversation analytics show you the quality of a lead without having to go back and listen to the call recording between the caller and agent. The process of manually scoring leads and determining their quality by listening to each and every call recording can be a daunting task. Our conversation analytics technology automatically scores lead quality so you know what leads to focus on first, and which are most likely to convert, saving your from spending hours sifting through call recordings.

  • Automatic Lead Classification: Automatic Lead Classification takes your call data to the next level. Users have the ability to choose the type of calls they want classified and keywords specific to their industry, allowing CallRail to automatically mark a call as a good lead upon its completion. Once the callers that have converted have been recognized, the Automated Lead Classification feature will populate them as a percentage of total callers in CallRail’s Lead Funnel Report. CallRail’s automatic lead classification works in real time, meaning you’ll know if a lead is good within minutes. You’ll also be able to view lead classification in your call alert emails, plus you’ll have the option to only send good leads to third-party integrations.
  • Call Transcriptions: Call Transcriptions gives you the ability to read your conversations from the call details page for calls made to a tracking phone number. Transcriptions are split up between caller and agent, so you know which text represents each person in the conversation. You can also be able to click on a specific part of the transcript to snap to that point in the recording and select specific criteria on which calls to transcribe.

With Call Intelligence from CallRail it’s easy to recognize high-quality sales leads, shorten your response time, and focus on what’s really converting. Try a 14-day free trial of our software today.