Improve bidding strategy with new Call Highlights report

With the launch of Call Highlights last quarter, users have been able to gain a better understanding of the content of their calls, with no action needed. We’ve made some additional improvements to make this data more valuable for our users.

Introducing the new Call Highlights report

If you’re a Automation Rules master, you’re likely familiar with our Key Terms Spotted report. We’re now making it easier to analyze calls and improve marketing efforts with our new Call Highlights report.

Benefits of Call Highlights report

Improve bidding efforts and keep CPL low

The automatic collection of keywords and phrases reveals several opportunities to optimize ad campaigns. When paired with Automation Rules, you have all the data needed to understand what your target audience is (actually) searching for, enabling marketers to maximize ad spend.

Quickly analyze calls

A simple report displays the top five highlights at-a-glance. Understand frequency of keywords and by whom they were spoken to better evaluate agency or campaign performance. In the click of a button, quickly export all call highlights data or a specific call highlight for an easily consumable report, unveiling a caller’s intent and any conversion trends.

Customize Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns

Utilize report data to test the success of different messaging or channels based on the call highlights and key terms spotted.

Activating Call Highlights report

To enable Call Highlights and utilize the Call Highlights report, Transcriptions must be enabled. The Call Highlights report is accessible under the Behavior section in reporting.

To learn more about how call tracking and analytics can improve your ad campaigns and marketing efforts, request your no-obligation demo of CallRail, or go ahead and start your 14-day free trial.