Optimize Ad Spend with Integrated Call Data and Marin Software

Enhance Bid Strategy with Call Data and Marin Software

Bid management software is a great tool for tracking and optimizing online marketing success. By setting specific rules about what results you’re looking for from  your advertising campaigns, Marin Software can automate your bidding for PPC campaigns, keywords, ad creative, and ad placement.

With our new CallRail for Marin integration, you can now enhance the effectiveness of Marin’s intelligence bidding and recommendation tools by including call analytics. Target customers across display, search, and social while using call data to improve PPC bids, conversions and ROI.

All of Your Campaign Performance in One Platform

By integrating CallRail and Marin Software, you’re able to turn your CallRail data into actions that optimize ad spend. CallRail for Marin will be able to send phone calls, text messages, and form fill outs as conversions within Marin.

Call conversion data is important when optimizing your bidding rules because phone calls tend to attract higher quality leads. You can instruct Marin Software to automatically reallocate resources based on the keywords and campaigns attracting these high-value prospects, increasing your ROI and lowering cost-per-lead.

Qualify and Score Calls Your PPC Ads Generate

Pairing Marin Software with CallRail’s CallScore feature can help you make fully informed decisions when it comes to your online marketing campaigns. Included with every CallRail account, CallScore automatically analyzes your inbound phone calls and assigns a “good lead” status to recognized high-value phone calls. Utilizing our Integration Triggers, users can choose to only send these known good leads into Marin Software.

By filtering known good leads into Marin, you’ll be able to reinvest in high-performing ads, search terms, and PPC campaigns that drive quality calls – not quantity.

How It Works

Activating CallRail’s Marin Software integration requires a CallRail Pro or Elite level account, keyword level call tracking, as well as information from your Marin Software account representative.

Once you reach out to your Marin account representative, they’ll work with you to generate login credentials for an FTP upload directory for CallRail. This will allow us to automatically upload your phone call, text and form data once per day.

You’ll have the ability to customize the following upload settings for our Marin Software integration:

  • The type of data CallRail will send: phone calls, text messages, or form fill outs.
  • Choose to track conversions by click date or the date of the conversion action.
  • Filter calls by lead status, call tags, or call duration.

Have more questions about CallRail for Marin? Check out our support article.