Four Easy Ways to Implement Call Conversion Tracking Techniques

Call tracking helps you get full credit and attribution for every call influenced by your marketing campaigns. But how can you prove the complete impact of marketing-influenced phone calls on revenue?

Start tracking call conversions

It’s important to know not only the number of calls your marketing is generating, but to also know how many of these calls resulted in sales. The best way to optimize marketing performance overall is to focus on what calls are converting, and from where.

But how can you more accurately indicate which calls converted in order to make more informed, data driven decisions? Using CallRail, there are 4 ways to manage call conversion tracking:

  • Automatic call events in Google Analytics
  • Keypad Scoring
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Tracking sales in your CRM

Call conversions in Google Analytics

CallRail’s Google Analytics call tracking integration allows you to set up goals for phone calls and track them as conversions. Our integration lets you use phone calls as a stage in your multi-channel conversion funnel, and also view your call tracking data alongside other granular visitor events, all within the Google Analytics dashboard.

For those utilizing visitor tracking, you can also reports phone calls made from your PPC ads as conversions within Google Ads (formerly AdWords.) This affords you the critical step of tracking call conversions down to the correct ad click, campaign, adgroup and keyword.

Tracking call conversions by quality

But what about the quality of your phone call conversations? Understanding whether a sale occurred on a call from an online or offline marketing campaign is critical to tracking actual conversions from phone calls.

Keypad Scoring

CallRail’s Keypad Scoring can be a strong part of your call conversion tracking strategy. Keypad Scoring allows agents to update the lead status of a call within the CallRail dashboard, or tag a call as “Sale” or “Closed Deal” as soon as the conversation occurs. You can then run a report on these call tags for a better understanding of which marketing channels are optimizing conversions during the call.

Conversation Intelligence

Or why not automate call conversion tracking? CallRail’s CallScore feature is equipped with voice intelligence technology that can automatically mark a phone call as a good lead. Calls that have converted will automatically populate within the powerful Lead Funnel Report, so you can view call conversions at the marketing source level. Conversation Intelligence allows you to understand why a call converts, so you can make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Tracking sales in your CRM

The last way you can track call conversions using CallRail is by sending phone call conversions to other third party tools, such as Salesforce, Marketo, or HubSpot. Tracking call conversions within your CRM allows you to follow conversations through from phone call to revenue.

Sending calls via one of CallRail’s 20+ integrations lets you prove the complete impact of marketing driven phone calls on revenue. Take this strategy one step further, by utilizing Integration Filters to only send calls marked a good lead via Keypad Scoring or Conversation Intelligence to your CRM.

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