What is Call Analytics?

Call Analytics is used to refer to the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of phone call data. Marketers and sales teams use insights derived from call analysis to optimize marketing campaigns and call handling. Marketers use call analytics alongside web analytics to understand which advertisements are driving qualified calls to their business. The goal of implementing call analytics is to better measure, manage, and analyze marketing performance to maximize effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). Key performance indicators from call analytics come from both call tracking metrics (like call source) and call recording metrics (like automatic lead classification).

Call Analytics Features

Call Analytics are used at the reporting stage of marketing campaigns that use phone numbers as their central call to action. This allows businesses to view which online and offline marketing channel are driving phone calls to their business while giving them a deeper understanding of what took place during the phone call for lead qualification and campaign optimization. Some call analytics features:

  • Call Recording: Call recording allows you to listen to conversations that take place during your inbound and outbound phone calls.  This feature not only gives you insight into what takes place during a call but allows you to qualify leads based on the content. By focusing your ad spend on campaigns that drive quality conversations that convert you can streamline your efforts and increase your conversion rate.
  • Call Transcriptions: Depending on your call volume, listening to every call recording isn’t always feasible, another option is automated call transcriptions. These transcriptions give you a visual, speaker-organized text that you can read giving you full visibility into what’s happening during inbound phone calls.
  • Lead Scoring: Lead scoring allows you to quickly view which leads are qualified so you can focus on what is driving conversions to your business. Automated lead scoring, based on machine learning technology allows you quickly identify which can show you which leads to focus on.
  • Advanced Reporting: Reporting with call analytics gives you the opportunity to view which channels are actually working. Instead of just attribution, call analytics allow you to view calls by overall count, the time of day they took place, geographic information and even by the duration of the conversation.

How to Use Call Analytics

  • Pinpoint Profitability: Call analytics reporting allow you to view good leads as a percentage of overall phone calls, giving you insight into which channels are actually driving qualified calls.
  • Optimize Marketing Messaging: Understanding the quality of your inbound calls allows you to adjust campaigns to improve marketing efficiencies and sales performance.
  • Save Time: Eliminate manual management of calls by using automated call scoring and transcription features.


Call analytics is incredibly useful for your businesses who want to get to the root of who exactly their customer is. Gaining in-depth insight into caller demographics and behavior gives businesses that use call tracking an enormous edge over their competition, and can ultimately help them capture more leads and win customers.