How to Create Content Using Call Analytics

Last week we hosted a webinar on different marketing strategies you can implement to optimize your marketing campaigns. At the end of the webinar, one of the attendees asked a question that stood out:  “How does CallRail come up with fresh content ideas?”

At CallRail, we are big proponents of SEO-focused keyword research to drive our content strategy, first and foremost – because what’s the point of content if no one can access it quickly with a keyword search? However, another way we create new content is (you guessed it) implementing call analytics.  It might be difficult to see the immediate link between content creation and call analytics, but we use it daily to see how and if our content is converting, and to drive a large part of our content strategy.

Call analytics features we use to create content:

  1. Visitor Level Call Tracking: Knowing which keywords are driving high converting phone calls can have a huge impact on your marketing ROI (like
    66% lowered customer acquisition cost huge). This can be great for bidding on keywords in PPC campaigns, and also show you what keywords you should be writing about if you’d like to rank higher in search engine results. A focus on keywords allows you to optimize your entire content strategy.
  2. Google Analytics Integration: We use CallRail’s Google Analytics integration to view phone calls that are driven from our marketing content. We’ve created a custom blog dashboard that shows goals alongside the blog landing page that a website visitor was on when they called. We track goals including request for demos and trial signups, and also sales and first-time callers. This way we can see what landing page is driving phone calls and conversions. Custom dashboards are a lifesaver for us – it’s a quick way to see what’s working, and what’s not.
  3. Call Recording: Call recording is great for lead qualification and content creation. Our custom dashboard shows us which content drives calls, but it doesn’t show us what happened on the call and if that lead was qualified. Call recording not only allows us to qualify leads, but also lets us know what questions our clients were asking – enabling us to update or create new content that answers those questions. For more tips on creating content with call recording, view our previous blog post here.

To view more ways you can optimize your content marketing strategy, view our recent webinar.