Hands-on with CallRail’s new Bulk Edit tool

The long-awaited and much-anticipated bulk edit tool has finally arrived here at CallRail, and we’ve never been more excited to help you go under the hood with your tracking numbers.

Before diving in — we want to dedicate this one to the power users.

You know who you are. You’ve got dozens and sometimes hundreds of tracking numbers in your CallRail account. You check your call logs like a hawk and never let clients miss a lead. You’re a call tracking superhero, long-burdened by the pain of editing your numbers one by one.

Well, dear power user, those days are over.

The new bulk edit tool in CallRail allows account administrators to quickly make changes to every number in an account. Whether you’re trying to activate call recording for five of your numbers or update a greeting for 500 of them, bulk edit makes this process quick and easy. We’ll even send you a confirmation email once your changes have been made:

Call recording for call tracking numbers

To start bulk editing your numbers, visit the All Account Numbers page in your CallRail account and start selecting the numbers you want to configure, then click Bulk Actions. CallRail gives you the ability to bulk edit several features on each of your numbers, in addition to moving numbers between the different companies in your account.

Call Recording

You can activate or disable call recording for any of your tracking numbers that are not attached to call flows. Some jurisdictions require both parties to consent to any recorded conversations —  always check your local laws before activating this feature.

Call Recording


Greetings are short audio messages that plays to the caller before a call is connected. These are often used to inform callers that their call may be recorded. You can activate or disable greetings for any of your tracking numbers that are not attached to call flows

Recorded Phone Greetings

Caller ID

Caller ID settings allow you to configure which number appears as the Caller ID when you receive an incoming call to one of your tracking numbers. Your options include showing the caller’s number, showing the tracking number, or CallRail’s universal number (810-888-9999). You can choose to show a specific tracking number as the Caller ID if all of the numbers you are editing come from the same company.

Caller ID for call tracking

Text Messaging

Text messaging features can be activated or disabled on any local U.S. or Canadian tracking numbers. Text messages sent to your tracking numbers will not be received if text messaging is not activated on those numbers.

Text messaging sent to tracking numbers

Call Routing

Call Routing gives you the freedom to choose whether calls to your tracking numbers are routed to a single number or a custom call flow. All of your selected numbers must exist within the same company in order to route to a call flow. It’s important to note that your call recording settings may change when routing to a new call flow.

Call Routing for Call tracking

Whisper Message

Whisper messages are brief audio messages that play before you answer a call from one of your tracking numbers. The caller does not hear this message. Whisper messages are often used to quickly hear which one of your marketing campaigns generated the phone call. You can activate or disable whisper messages for any of your tracking numbers.

Whisper Messages for Call Tracking and Analytics

Swap Target

Swap targets are the telephone numbers CallRail looks for on your website to dynamically replace with tracking numbers. You can apply new swap targets in bulk to any of your tracking numbers.

DNI for swapping targets

Move Numbers

The bulk edit tool allows you to move numbers and full call logs between any of the companies in your account. If you choose to move a number that is attached to a call flow, you will be prompted to choose a new routing option before that number can move to a new company. Any caller ID or Responsive Routing steps will be removed from your numbers once they move to a new company.

If you’re ready to add the power of call tracking (and helpful features like bulk edit) to your marketing stack, you can start today: Begin your 14-day free trial of CallRail, or request a personalized demo.