Traditional phone systems require a relatively clunky piece of hardware that comes with a certain amount of operational overhead. There’s the cost of equipment and maintenance, plus the time spent on setup and support. And with today’s mobile workforce, agents need the flexibility to make and receive calls as efficiently as possible.

Here at CallRail, we want to offer our customers the option to ditch the desk phone. With our Softphone feature, we’re giving users access to a powerful browser-based phone located within the CallRail app. No more time and money spent on complex phone systems, and the added convenience to make and place calls directly from your computer.

Ready to learn more? Check out some of the benefits of Softphone.

Make and receive calls from a computer.

  • Better management of inbound calls. Answer calls made to your tracking numbers, without ever leaving CallRail. With the option to answer calls directly within a browser, agents can handle callers quickly and easily. They’ll also have the ability to capture notes and add tags while on the call, giving you access to valuable information about your individual callers.
  • Start recording and reporting on outbound calls. Softphone also makes outbound dialing simple and integrates these calls into your standard CallRail Agent reports. Return calls placed to your tracking numbers directly from your browser, or use the Dialer to place a call to a specific number of your choosing. Our Softphone also offers outbound call recordings, so you’ll be able to replay calls after they’re complete.

Screenshot of call recording in CallRail app

Rich insights for incoming calls.

Increase agent productivity by combining the power of call tracking analytics with your call center. Softphone lives directly within CallRail’s Lead Center feature, giving agents access to important caller data before they pick up the phone. Agents will be able to see where callers left off on your website, information about previous calls, and available data from your activated integrations, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo.

Monitor live calls for training and quality assurance.

Listen to calls in real time, so you can offer customers the best experience possible. Softphone’s ability to monitor calls is great for sales and support training, or for quality assurance purposes. While Softphone is available for all CallRail customers, live monitoring capabilities will only be available to those on the Pro plan or higher.

Eliminate the cost and complexity of your phone system today.

CallRail’s Softphone functionality is included with all of our pricing plans, at no additional cost. Pay the same standard per minute rates whether utilizing Softphone for inbound calls or outbound dialing. All you need to get started with Softphone today is an internet connection and basic headset with a microphone.

Softphone is your key to better call management, integrating the power of call tracking analytics with your call center.

Ready to get started with Softphone? Read our support articles to learn how to activate Softphone.

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