Better Billboard Advertising with Call Tracking

Boost Your Billboard Advertising with CallRail Call Tracking

Billboard advertisements are a staple on the side of highways across the nation, and for good reason. According to the Arbitron National In-Car Study 71 percent of people often look at the messages on roadside billboards and 68 percent of billboard viewers frequently make their shopping decisions while in the car. That means it’s likely your potential clients will see your advertisements and that it will impact their buying decisions, but you still need a way to track the effectiveness of your billboard campaign. Call tracking makes it easy to get the results of your billboard marketing campaign in real time, allowing you to save time and money by focusing on marketing that works.

Benefits of Using Call Tracking with Billboard Advertising:

  • Build your local presence by using CallRail local call tracking phone numbers. Use the area code of the geographical location of your billboard and give your business the feeling of community your clients desire.
  • If you have multiple billboard advertisements, find out which design or promotions work best with split-testing. Use different CallRail phone numbers on each billboard and when potential clients call your business, you can find out what billboard made them call and easily see which version was successful.
  • If you’re already using CallRail call tracking, you can find out where the majority of your potential clients are coming from before you place your billboard advertisement, allowing you to choose the best location for your billboard.
  • If you have multiple billboards in different locations, place a unique call tracking number on each one and find out which location generates the most calls, enabling you to better use your marketing resources where they actually work.

CallRail call tracking makes it easy to see how effective your billboard marketing campaigns are in real time, allowing you to focus on marketing that works!