The 8 best Google Ads ads we’ve ever seen

Crafting the perfect display ad for Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is equal parts science and art — your available character count is extremely limited, which means you’ve got to express your company’s value proposition with as little text as possible. Plus, you’ve also got to work in a compelling call to action that motivates the viewer to click through (or pick up the phone and call you).

That’s no small task, so we’re always impressed when we see Ads ads that make maximal use of their allotted space. Let’s review some of the best Google Ads ads we’ve seen in recent memory, and explore why they’re effective.

#1: MattressFirm

This comprehensive display ad from mattress retailer MattressFirm has it all: A call to action right in the headline, prominent placement of their 4.6-star user rating, a list of the high-quality mattress brands they offer, helpful individual links for their different services, and a physical location linked to Google Maps at the bottom of the ad.

In short, MattressFirm managed to pack both tons of info and a compelling value proposition into a single display ad.

#2: AllPosters

Nerdy stuff has never been cooler, so pop-culture merchant wants you to know that music and movie posters aren’t just for college dorm rooms anymore.

In this excellent display ad, they’ve given pride of place to their site-wide 50 percent off sale, mentioning it in the headline, the body copy, and the bottom link. They’ve also picked some choice keywords to include in the body copy, to ensure they picking up search volume from querents looking for posters of a general (landscapes, pop-art), rather than a specific topic.

#3: Van Sant Law

The Atlanta-area personal injury firm Van Sant Law pulled out all the stops for this display ad. Their ‘no-fee guarantee’ and typical casework are displayed prominently throughout the ad, creating a strong sales pitch for anyone looking for legal representation.


Finding the right home services professional usually requires plenty of comparison-shopping between the different providers available in your area. In order to generate leads and sales, a home service business needs to make a strong first impression, and immediately make a convincing pitch as to why they should be a prospect’s first choice.

That’s the approach referral service took with this display ad. It features a promise to connect users with the best possible professional for their needs, combined with a detailed listing of the different services the website offers and a contact number displayed directly beneath the headline.

What you see is what you get, and with this display ad, you’re getting a lot.

#5: Piedmont Healthcare

There are few decisions more nerve-wracking than choosing a healthcare provider, especially when your medical issue is pressing and time is short. An effective healthcare display ad needs to strike the right balance between offering value to the reader, while also reassuring prospects that they’re making the right choice entrusting you with their wellbeing.

For these reasons and more, this display add for Piedmont Healthcare here in Atlanta is simple, to-the-point, and effective. It reassures prospective patients that they can be seen the same day they call to make an appointment, and that there are dozens of professionals on staff ready to address everything from routine checkups to serious illnesses.

#6: T-Mobile

What’s better than one iPhone? This clever display ad by T-Mobile asks and answers this perennial question, all within the same headline.

But it’s not just the punny twist in the headline that makes this a good ad. In the space of this Ads placement, T-Mobile makes a complete sales pitch for why should buy an iPhone from them: Low prices, no-contract service agreements, and up to $700 in savings via a mail-in rebate (MIR).

As the ad promises, “His and her’s, for the price of just his.” Even for the Apple-skeptical among us, that’s a hard deal to pass up.

#7: Atlanta Car Care

Atlanta Car Care, an Atlanta-area car repair shop, gets high marks for how they included their laundry list of staff qualifications and technical expertise, combined with helpful links to their different service offerings.

Whether you’re looking for an explainer on their services, a list of their specials, an appointment booking, or just some help diagnosing your ‘check engine’ light, the value-prop of this display ad comes through loud and clear. And with a Google-Maps-enabled link at the bottom, they can rest assured that prospects will be able to find their service center right away.


There’s a lot to like about this display ad from real estate listing company There’s a comprehensive list of the kinds of properties their agents buy and sell, and they tout how they maintain the world’s biggest database of real estate listings. (And let’s not overlook that sly dig at the competition.)

With its straightforward copy and clear messaging, this is exactly the kind of ad that builds serious brand value in the eyes of prospective homebuyers and home-sellers.

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