Automatically Tag Calls with Call Flow Builder

Illustrated open laptop with CallRail app open on the screen.

Save Time with Automated Call Tagging

Now CallRail’s Call Flow Builder has a tag step that lets you automatically categorize your calls based on the tag names you create. Save time by tagging calls based on events in the call flow, such as menu items, time of day, and voicemail. Just add a tag step at the point in the call flow where the call should be tagged and the call will automatically be tagged with the tag name you designated for it.

You can also add separate tags for different menu options. For instance, if a caller presses 1 for sales the call will automatically be tagged as sales, and if a caller presses 2 for support, the call will automatically be tagged as support before the number is dialed.

Why You’ll Love The Tag Step:

  • Create tags for each tracking phone number or individual menu steps and have your calls categorized automatically
  • Know why a caller called without listening to call recordings
  • Save time by not having to manually tag each call