Never miss a lead with Automated Responses

Illustrated flashlight shining on a form

Response time is an important factor in capturing new leads and creating conversions from your advertising. With the ability to quickly reach out to multiple businesses at once, buyers don’t usually have the time or patience to wait for a response from any particular company before calling their competitor. In fact, 78% of customers buy from the first responder.

We built our Automated Responses feature to make sure that leads who contact your business via an online form or by calling one of your tracking numbers always receive a response.

Use this feature to set up an automated text message that sends to customers who either filled out a form on your website with their phone number or tried calling one of your tracking numbers, but the call wasn’t answered. auto-respond-to-leads

One use case for this would be a contact form or request an appointment form on your website that sends a text confirmation to the customer, letting them know that their request was received. Another example is setting up a missed call message that lets customers know your business hours and when someone will be reaching out.

Some best practices for this kind of strategy is thanking leads for reaching out to your business, letting them know when someone will reach out, and making sure the message sounds friendly and human, not like spam. Quick response time like this is a great way to demonstrate your customer service and responsiveness as a business and keeps leads moving through your sales funnel before jumping to another business.

If you’d like to utilize this feature, use this support article to set up Automated Responses for your account.

Automated Response is not available for accounts with international call tracking because of text limitations, and Automated Responses for form fills requires CallRail’s form tracking product.