With Bing, Google Ads, and call tracking, ‘PPC sharpshooters’ SalesX deliver superior results

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on March 22, 2019
A man looks up at the rising line of a graph painted on the wall in front of him.

There’s no shortage of PPC marketing experts today who promise to bring in big results for your business. But in the new and constantly shifting world of online advertising, those claims can suddenly evaporate due to abrupt changes in the industry — expertise with the current Google Ads (AdWords) ranking algorithm becomes less valuable when…

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The Humberview Group triples inbound leads after switching to CallRail

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on February 25, 2019
The first Humberview dealer

Even the biggest automotive marketing companies can run into trouble when it comes to consistently generating high-quality leads. Like other industries where customers make big-ticket purchases, the path to conversion can stretch across weeks or months and involve plenty of research and deliberation on the buyer’s part. Without a way to properly analyze leads across…

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