Kevin Mann

Co-Founder & CPO

Kevin grew up in Lilburn, Georgia and also graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

While still in college, Kevin founded DesignAMosaic, an ecommerce site which has created custom photo mosaics for tens of thousands of clients all over the world and remains profitable and self-sustaining to this day. After graduation, he co-founded GoZuus, a software-as-a-service application for college fraternities and sororities that grew to over ten thousand registered users.

He’s been involved in technology and entrepreneurship his entire life. Today he is responsible for CallRail’s technology and operations.

Kevin lives in Buckhead in Atlanta, GA.

We built a brand new product: CallRail Form Tracking is here

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on June 19, 2019
CallRail form tracking

When we built CallRail back in 2011, we aimed to solve a particular problem. We wanted to connect three dots for businesses: their marketing, their website, and their inbound phone calls. As I write this, over 100,000 businesses now use CallRail to connect those dots — connecting the phone calls they’re receiving with the marketing…

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