Jason Tatum

Jason Tatum is the Lead Product Manager at CallRail.

by Jason Tatum  Feb 3, 2020

How to choose the right attribution model to assess your sales enablement programs

When your sales team scores a conversion for your company, it’s rarely an event that occurs in isolation. Sales professionals may dream of a perfect one-touch conversion with a new client, but the reality is much more complex: multiple touches, multiple channels, and an organizational headache when it comes to assigning credit for the victory.…

by Jason Tatum  Oct 31, 2019

5 things your contact form data is telling you about your leads

It’s essential for all companies to have a contact form on their business website, no matter what their size. Contact and lead generation forms require website visitors to enter their email address and other kinds of personal information. Since they are used to gather information about prospects, contact forms give companies the opportunity to keep…

by Jason Tatum  Mar 18, 2019

From non-profits to tech: How my career taught me to love ‘vertical slicing’

For many years — long before I was working at a tech company, or before I knew about marketing attribution or what ‘MarTech’ meant — my career was in the non-profit field. I worked in a lot of different capacities from the time I was about 18 until I was 32, in roles that took…

by Jason Tatum  Aug 7, 2017

Get to Know CallRail’s SMS Analytics

In this series, our product owners give you a behind the scenes look at the process behind the product. As a product owner, what is your role throughout the development of a new feature? It starts off with a high level concept, possibly from a customer request, like “We should add SMS to the Activity table.”…