Dan Wakefield

Dan Wakefield is a UX Content Strategist at CallRail.

by Dan Wakefield  Mar 30, 2020

Will Google Chrome’s Privacy Updates Affect CallRail?

Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative Last year, Google revealed plans to enhance internet privacy for Chrome users through their Privacy Sandbox initiative. Since then, they have started limiting insecure cross-site tracking and are taking action against invasive methods of tracking user data. Notably, one of the most prominent items on their agenda is rendering third-party cookies…

by Dan Wakefield  Mar 4, 2020

What you need to know about attribution windows

Each marketing campaign holds so much potential — and the right attribution reporting tools can help agencies realize that potential. Attribution windows are one such tool, producing game-changing data by revealing the immediate and long-term effectiveness of marketing activities. Here’s a look at how windows take marketing intelligence to another level. Attribution reporting: A quick…

by Dan Wakefield  Jan 15, 2020

Better attribution reporting with Google Analytics and CallRail

Approximately 342,000 billboards dot American roads and highways, according to Statista, with nearly 9,000 of those being video billboards that cycle through ads every several seconds. About 15% of Americans own cellular phones that aren’t smartphones, according to Pew Research Center. That means in a room of 20 people, three are likely using flip phones…

by Dan Wakefield  Oct 28, 2019

What is time-decay attribution?

Time-decay attribution is a multi-touch attribution model that gives some credit to all the channels that led to your customer converting, with that amount of credit being less (decaying) the further back in time the channel was interacted with. The assumption here is that the first advertising channel your customer interacted with merely planted the…

by Dan Wakefield  Jun 27, 2018

Top call tracking tips for real estate marketing

Real estate marketing can be a tough game to play, and no one knows that better than realtors. The path to purchase is a long and winding road, one that requires plenty of research and investigation on the buyer’s part, and loads of guidance and persistence from the agent. Payoffs can be big for dedicated…