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Carolyn Lyden

SEO Manager

Carolyn was born in Atlanta, but spent most of her formative years in Tennessee (after short stints in Iowa and Nebraska). After graduating with B.A.s in English Literature and Writing/Communications from Maryville College, she moved back to Atlanta to pursue a marketing career.

Starting in social media and writing at a small agency, Carolyn garnered marketing experience in many industries early on including medical, law, franchise, and finance. Meanwhile, she earned her MBA at Kennesaw State University to further her knowledge of business. Her love of spreadsheets eventually led her to specialize SEO, and she joined CallRail’s marketing team as the SEO Manager in March 2017.

When she’s not in the office, Carolyn loves spending time outdoors with her husband and greyhound, working on her Olympic lifting skills, and taking naps with her 2 cats.

Using attribution data for agencies: Retain clients, earn new ones, and make more money

Posted by
on August 14, 2018
using attribution data to earn more clients, grow agency revenue

We’ve all heard the buzzwords “data-driven marketing” in just about every industry article and every presentation at a marketing event. As tools for marketing attribution data and analytics have become more sophisticated and reliable, companies have come to depend on these numbers to perfect their campaigns, determine what is and isn’t driving leads, and figure…

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What is call monitoring?

Posted by
on June 13, 2018
woman making call with bluetooth headset sitting in front of laptop

What is Call Monitoring? Call monitoring is the process of listening to live or previously recorded calls in order to audit the performance of call representatives, improve sales or marketing efforts, score the call for leads, and/or develop sales or support strategies. Who Uses Call Monitoring? We’ve all probably heard the automated message when we’ve…

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What is a first time caller?

Posted by
on May 24, 2018
someone talking on an iphone

A first time caller is someone who has never called your business before. In call tracking, these new callers can represent an important segment of people for which sales and marketing teams can tailor information and strategies to ensure a good caller experience. Why are first time callers important? For some businesses, it’s important to…

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Using call tracking with Salesforce: All your lead data in one place

Posted by
on May 21, 2018
businessman reviews charts

What is Salesforce? Salesforce is the leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Technology like Salesforce helps companies keep track of their customers, as well as their information, interactions, stages of sales development, and more. The CallRail integration for Salesforce adds another level by helping sales and marketing professionals keep track of their calls in the…

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Conversation Analytics and the future of analyzing phone calls for customer experience

Posted by
on April 20, 2018
robot hand smartphone

“Speech recognition technology has been around for what seems like forever,” says Kevin Mann, CallRail Co-Founder & CTO. “But it’s been pretty  rudimentary until fairly recently.” Mann notes that even though the tech has been around for two decades, it wasn’t until the past few years — when large companies like IBM’s Watson started investing…

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What is a SWOT Analysis?

Posted by
on March 23, 2018
A worker reviews a marketing dashboard

What is a SWOT Analysis? A SWOT analysis is a process that individuals or organizations use to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It’s commonly used in strategic planning, where it can help businesses identify their niche in a market. Why should a business do a SWOT analysis? Every business has its own strength and…

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Call tracking systems: Key to a complete attribution ecosystem

Posted by
on March 5, 2018
Backseat image of man talking on the phone while driving

Call tracking systems are a crucial part of a complete online and offline marketing campaign attribution system. Oftentimes, call tracking services and software serve as the adhesive that unites marketing efforts across all different planes. The modern marketing environment spans all devices, all mediums, and all moments in a potential buyer’s journey. A potential client…

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What is A/B Testing?

Posted by
on November 8, 2017
overhead view of laptop

What is A/B Testing? A/B testing means experimenting with two versions of a website, app, or other marketing property to determine which version best achieves the goals and proves the hypotheses of the experiment. Marketers often refer to A/B testing as split testing. The split refers to the fact that there are two versions of…

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