Andy Powell

by Andy Powell  Jan 12, 2017

Why We’re Including CallScore for Free

Automated Call Scoring Recently we were excited to share CallScore, our real-time automated call scoring system that harnesses the power of speech recognition and machine learning to automatically analyze a phone call and immediately determine if the call was a good lead. We’re happy to say, we’re including CallScore in our standard plans. Every CallRail…

by Andy Powell  Aug 17, 2016

CallRail Named #1 Fastest Growing Software Company in Georgia by Inc. Magazine

Today, the 35th annual Inc 500, a ranking of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in America, was released. I’m honored and thrilled to see CallRail recognized, and grateful to our customers and our team who have helped make it happen.

by Andy Powell  Aug 4, 2015

CallRail Tackles Latest Wave of Traffic Pumping

Recently the entire call tracking industry has seen an increase in the amount of “spam” received by call tracking numbers. We understand that these calls are a nuisance, so we’re taking immediate action to limit the impact of these unwanted calls. What is traffic pumping? When you dial a phone number, your call is routed through several…

by Andy Powell  Aug 18, 2014

Welcome to Call Tracking, Google.

  Today, Google announced the launch of Google Website Call Conversions. There’s nothing that validates the value of what we’re doing quite like Google saying, “yes, let’s do that too”. We’ve known it was on the horizon, and now it goes live. Phone Calls are Critical for Business The message is unmistakable: Calls are critical. For…

by Andy Powell  Apr 16, 2014

How to Get Search Term Data for Your Google Ads Call Conversions

Google rocked the search marketing world with their recent announcement that they would no longer include user search queries in referring URLs. This means websites and third-party analytics tools no longer have direct access to search query data — but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find out which search queries drove phone call conversions.…

by Andy Powell  Apr 10, 2014

How to Keep Google Ads Keyword Data for Call Conversions

An intriguing keynote with Google at SMX West this year ignited into a flurry of speculation this week as marketers discussed whether Google would stop providing PPC keyword data, just as it stopped providing organic keyword data beginning in October 2011. This evening, Google officially announced  changes to the way they will provide keyword data…

by Andy Powell  Jan 31, 2014

Report Conversions Based on Call Length

Filtering Calls by Length For Better Reporting Since the day we launched CallRail, one question we’ve heard consistently has been “can I identify phone call conversions based on the length of the call”. To those of you who are disciplined enough to quickly hang up on telemarketers in the pursuit of clean data and unwasted…

by Andy Powell  Jan 24, 2014

Get to Know the All-New Call Flow Builder

Recently we rolled out a new Call Flow Builder that increases the power and flexibility of your phone numbers. You can now create unique, fully-customizable call flows for each of your tracking phone numbers. A New Level of Call Routing Power The new Call Flow Builder adds a whole new layer of power to your…

by Andy Powell  Sep 23, 2013

Call Tracking with Visitor Timelines in a (not provided) World

You’re about to be (not provided) like you’ve never been (not provided) before. For online marketers everywhere, the day has come: September 23rd will be the day we remember as the “notprovidapocalypse”. Google is moving entirely to secure search, cutting off organic keyword data entirely. In October 2011, Google began redirecting users who were logged…

by Andy Powell  Feb 3, 2013

Who Calls Me From 737-874-2833?

Are you receiving calls from the phone number 737-874-2833? Maybe you’ve received a few calls, and you’re wondering who it could be? Perhaps you went to Google, searched for “area code 737”, and found that the caller is supposedly from the Austin, TX area. Should I block calls from 737-874-2833? You can block or challenge…

by Andy Powell  Jan 30, 2013

Who Calls Me From +266696687?

If you receive a lot of phone calls, eventually you’re likely to notice a caller with +266696687 in the caller ID. Should I block calls from +266696687? You can block or challenge calls from specific phone numbers, including +266696687, in CallRail. But before you do, here are a couple things to consider: +266696687 spells ANONYMOUS…