Adam Hofman

Adam is the Product Manager of the Conversation Intelligence team at CallRail, and is primarily focused on using Artificial Intelligence to build solutions that analyze conversations between businesses and their customers.

by Adam Hofman  Mar 25, 2020

Call Tracking and Lead Scoring

For businesses of all sizes, understanding where your highest quality leads are coming from is extremely important. Whether you are in marketing and are looking for marketing automation, or in sales looking to coach your team and analyze the quality of your sales reps or sales funnel, it’s pivotal to gain insight into what is…

by Adam Hofman  Jul 26, 2018

How CallRail built CallScore: Using AI to make better marketing decisions

Nearly three years ago, CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence (CI) team started a journey into uncharted territory. The challenge: Use machine learning and AI to create a tool that makes classifying the quality of a phone call completely automated, saving valuable time for our users. At CallRail, our CI team is dedicated to giving businesses of all…

by Adam Hofman  Jul 24, 2017

Get to Know CallRail’s CallScore

In this series, our product owners gives you a behind the scenes look at the process behind the product What does CallScore do, and what gaps does it fill for customers? We wanted to figure out a way to save customers time and money so they don’t have to listen to every single phone call to…

by Adam Hofman  May 23, 2017

Machine Learning and Building Conversation Intelligence

Machine Learning: A bit of history If you’ve seen the film “The Imitation Game,” you should remember the pivotal scene where Alan Turing’s machine comes to an abrupt halt. In that moment the Enigma cryptography machine was cracked, changing the direction of WWII and the future of technology forever. Turing later went on to use…

by Adam Hofman  Mar 22, 2017

Team CallRail Recap: AI & Data Science at SXSW

In this series of three posts, we asked members of our product team to share their first-hand account of one of the world’s most prestigious and innovative technology conferences, SXSW.  My first experience at SXSW was insightful, exciting and filled with Texas BBQ! The conference sessions I attended primarily focused on AI, Machine Learning, and…