Bye Spam Calls: CallRail’s Anti-Spam Technology

Receiving a call from a telemarketer or robodialer is a frustrating experience. Not only do these calls take up valuable time that should be spent with your real customers, these calls can also skew your reporting data. While the entire call tracking industry has been affected by a rise in unwanted calls, which are also known as call spam, the CallRail team has taken immediate action to combat these nuisance calls by building a sophisticated anti-spam tool.

What is call spam?

Call spam occurs when unethical carriers work with another call service provider to profit from fake telephone calls. This act is called “traffic pumping,” and it primarily targets long-distance and toll-free numbers. Since carriers profit from routing a call, unethical carriers look away when traffic pumpers generate artificial call traffic to increase their revenue.

Another characteristic of call spam is spoofed caller IDs. Most of the time, traffic pumpers will mask the origin of the phone call to make the call appear legitimate, when in fact, the true owner of that telephone number never dialed your business. While the FBI, FCC, as well as mobile and telecom carriers continue their efforts to take down traffic pumpers, CallRail has implemented its own system to protect your business from unwanted call spam.

Introducing CallRail Anti-Spam Detection

Anti-Spam Detection implements a number of measures to prevent unwanted calls from reaching your business. Our approach to fighting spam ensures clean data in your call tracking reports, and keeps your phone lines open to real customers who want to talk to you. Our anti-spam detection three-tier approach works like this:

First, Anti-Spam Detection works to detect spam. The active spam monitoring systems target calls matching patterns we’ve identified as spam. This includes calls with specific durations, and calls that play static or political messaging.

Then, Anti-Spam Detection blocks spam. RoboRail keeps track of every single call we’ve blocked or challenged. Telephone numbers that are consistently traced back to traffic pumping schemes are blacklisted, so they won’t be able to call any CallRail tracking number in the future. This list is updated daily, so RoboRail is always one step ahead of incoming traffic pumping campaigns.

Finally, Anti-Spam Detection prevents spam. Callers dialing visitor tracking numbers that haven’t yet been assigned to a website visitor are automatically challenged. We’ve also extended the number aging process beyond typical carrier requirements, particularly for toll-free tracking numbers. Since toll-free tracking numbers are the primary targets for traffic pumping, we ensure they’re aged for 60 days and completely silent for the last 20 days before making them available to purchase.

In addition to building our own system to protect you from unwanted calls, we maintain a relationship with a spam prevention partner that has blocked more than 48 million robocalls. This exchange allows us access to a plethora of data that’s much greater than that of a single provider, maintaining Anti-Spam Detection's standing as the industry’s leading spam prevention tool.

And the best part is…it’s free.

This exclusive system has proven itself as a great line of defense against call spam, and it’s included automatically within your CallRail account at no additional cost. Your marketing campaigns are protected from day one, without any manual setup in your account, and without having to allocate any cost to spam prevention in your marketing budget.

Your call reports are a critical part of making educated business decisions, and we understand the importance of reliable information. With Anti-Spam Detection, your data is clean, your reports are accurate, and your marketing campaigns continue to perform successfully.