A New Calling: An Open Letter from our Founder

Our co-founder Kevin Mann and I started CallRail in 2011, when I was 26 years old. Since then, building this business has been my passion and my obsession. All along, my aim was to put one foot in front of the other, and to be a little bigger and do a little better than we did the week before.

Never did I imagine we’d grow to employ more than 250 people, raise more than $100M from terrific investors, and serve the 180,000+ businesses that we do today.

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished, blessed in countless ways to have been given the opportunity to do it, and grateful to everyone who has joined me along the way to help make it happen. And so, with a strange combination of humility and confidence, I know it’s time for me to pass the torch.

I’m excited to share that Marc Ginsberg is joining CallRail as our next CEO. He’ll start the week of August 10th. Marc joins us from American Express, where he is the VP of Marketing for the US Small Medium Enterprise leading prospect acquisition, lead generation and enablement, and partner marketing efforts for clients. Prior to his role at American Express, he served as the President of US Advertising at Cardlytics, Inc., an advertising platform, and Vice President of DIRECTV for Business.

CallRail has felt like many different companies along the way. Each stage of growth requires different skills. As individuals, we all learn and grow and adapt, but we also have natural passions and strengths. I see what the company needs from its leader, and I know my own strengths and passions. Deep down, I’m a starter-of-things and I’m a hands-on builder, and it’s time for me to get back at it.

CallRail will be best served by a CEO who brings the skills, the passion, and the energy this company needs to guide us through our next chapter - and all of you - our customers, partners, and employees - deserve nothing less.

And make no mistake, I have never been more confident in our company’s future. Our best days and biggest opportunities are still ahead. After this transition, I’ll continue to serve on CallRail’s board of directors, be an advisor, and support the company as a major shareholder and friend to all of those who have helped build CallRail into what it is today.

CallRail has an incredible team and amazing customers. I’m excited for CallRail’s next chapter - it only gets better from here.

Andy Powell, Co-Founder & CEO